30 Nov
How Snap-On Smiles provide a removable cosmetic dental solution

Do you dream of having a flawless smile? Are you desperate to feel confident when you smile without having to spend hours in the dental chair or endure invasive procedures? If so, we may have just the tonic for you. With a Snap-on-Smile, you can enjoy a stunning smile with…

29 Nov
New study suggests lost dentures cost the NHS £1 million per year

A new study suggests that lost dentures cost the NHS around £1 million per year. The study, which has been published in the British Dental Journal, revealed that almost 700 sets of dentures were lost in hospitals belonging to 11 trusts in England between 2011 and 2016. It is estimated…

22 Nov
New craze sees patients splashing out on diamonds for the ultimate Hollywood smile

A new craze is sweeping the US, as Hollywood stars debut diamond-encrusted smiles on the red carpet. Beverley Hills dentist, Dr Anjali Rajpal, said that there has been a massive increase in the number of patients seeking blingy smiles after pictures of stars like Katy Perry and Pink showing off…

15 Nov
New study shows half of children tell white lies about teeth cleaning

A new study has revealed that half of children tell white lies about cleaning their teeth. Research conducted by a group of dentists who have developed the Brushlink brushing tracker, suggested that up to half of kids tell fibs about brushing their teeth. One in five children try and trick…

14 Nov
Why it is Important to Use Retainers After Orthodontic Treatment

You’ve been wearing braces for weeks, months or years and now it’s time to enjoy the results. When you’ve always wanted a straight, beautiful smile, there’s nothing more exciting than having those braces removed and being able to feel confident when you smile. The trouble is that you run the…

08 Nov
Swansea dentist backs calls in Liverpool for Coca Cola truck to be banned

A dentist from Swansea has called for the Christmas Coca Cola truck to be banned from the city in a bid to clamp down on dental decay. Karl Bishop has spoken out after health officials in Liverpool urged a planned visit to be cancelled to try and discourage people from…