11 Dec
Everything You Need to Know About Crown Lengthening This Christmas

Crown lengthening is a cosmetic dental procedure designed to improve the appearance of the smile and boost oral health by increasing the amount of crown tissue visible when you smile and enabling your dentist to carry out a complete tooth restoration. By removing excess gum tissue, your dentist is able to restore…

21 Aug
Take a Change With A Charismatic London Crown

Have you got a troublesome tooth? Do you suffer from dental pain or have you noticed that your tooth looks worn or feels weak? If you’ve got a tooth in need of restoration, we have a range of options, including beautiful, strong dental crowns. About dental crowns Dental crowns, also…

14 Jan
Benefiting from Porcelain Crowns in the City of London

If you have suffered from damage to your teeth through loss, decay or injury in the city of London, you would be well advised to see your dentist as soon as possible in order to get repaired, as if you leave it, there is a strong possibility that your mouth…

08 Oct
Crisp Dental Crowns in the City of London

Tooth decay and loss is a hard pill to swallow in the city of London. It can not only diminish the future oral health of your mouth, but it can leave you feeling depressed by the way your mouth looks. However, don’t get down on yourself because help is at…

19 Aug
The future of your oral health- Porcelain Crowns in London

Tooth decay is going to always be an ever present threat to you in London and if you aren’t on your guard, it will slip in and do damage; this damage can be anything from rotting your tooth badly to actually losing it altogether. Whatever you go through, you will…

25 May
Opting for a Porcelain Crown in London

Porcelain is an incredibly natural material: when light kisses it, it absorbs it and then cascades it back out again- it loves light and light loves it too, for it stimulates it and brings it to light, just like the fresh enamel of your teeth can when it is in…