28 Nov
London’s Mayor announces junk food advertising ban on the tube

The Mayor of London has announced plans to implement a ban on junk food advertising on the tube. Under new guidelines, adverts for products that are high in fat, salt, and sugar will not be permitted on the underground. The ban will also include overground stations and bus stations and…

31 Aug
Four Reasons to Consider Replacing Your Fillings

Fillings are restorations, which are commonly used to fill cavities and prevent the spread of dental infections. If you have a filling, it won’t last forever, and you may be advised to have your filling replaced. Here are 4 reasons why it’s beneficial to consider replacing your fillings: Your fillings…

11 Jul
Is there any need to worry about dental amalgam in the wake of new filling guidelines?

Recently, it was revealed that the use of mercury amalgam fillings would be restricted. Having reignited the debate about the safety of amalgam fillings, is it right for us to be worried about old fillings in wake of the publication of new guidelines? If you have mercury fillings, you may…

04 Jul
New MRI scanners could increase mercury leakage from fillings

A new BBC report suggests that new, more sophisticated MRI scanners could increase mercury leakage from amalgam fillings. Trials have revealed that new scanners, which are more powerful, caused more mercury vapour to leak from extracted teeth than teeth that were scanned using older equipment. Using a test tube of…

29 Mar
European Parliament reveals plans to ‘phase out’ dental amalgam by 2030

The European Parliament has revealed plans to ‘phase out’ dental amalgam by the year 2030. Although there are plans to remove amalgam by 2030, it is hoped that practices will start to reduce amalgam use long before this date. Many clinics have already stopped using amalgam fillings, and a growing…

22 Jan
Discreet Fillings for a Happier Smile

At Baker Street Dental Group, beautiful smiles are our game and we use the latest treatments and techniques to repair and restore damaged and decayed teeth with minimal impact on tooth aesthetics. With white fillings we are able to fill cavities and protect a decayed tooth without detracting from the beauty…