28 Feb
Xerostomia can cause dental cavities in Central London

If you take medication, or have had some form of radio therapy in central London of late, there is a good chance that you may suffer from some form of xerostomia or dry mouth. One of the biggest side effects of this problem is the loss of saliva to the…

26 Feb
What are the side effects of getting a dental implant in London

Having a dental implant in London is great for replacing lost teeth and restoring that beautiful smile you thought you had lost forever. Implant technology has improved ten-fold, and the surgical and healing techniques are state of the art operations, incorporating all the latest procedures such as laser surgery. But,…

25 Feb
Wisdom teeth pain in the City of London

When your wisdom teeth start to develop and break through into the mouth, it can be a very painful time indeed, (bare that in mind when you have children). In some cases, the teeth will not show themselves at all, choosing to grow in all manner of directions under the…

24 Feb
Getting Tooth decay treatment in London

However much we try to take care of our teeth in London, at some point in our lives, tooth decay will form in our mouths. Tooth decays starts where bacteria is allowed to thrive in the mouth- feeding off foods and sugars that get stuck between our teeth and gums,…

23 Feb
Invisalign over Metal Braces in Central London

The words ‘metal braces’ conjures up horrible visions of a mouth full of metal tubing with rotting food stuck to it. It’s true that fixed metal braces can look ugly in the mouth and can be a nightmare to clean. But braces and aligners have changed dramatically over the past…

22 Feb
The right Toothbrush in the City of London

There are a lot of elements that go into the everyday routine of oral hygiene in the city of London; there are so many products on the market, getting the right ones for you can be a bit of a lottery and this goes for choosing the right toothbrush too….