22 Dec
New study links poor oral health to increased dementia risk

A new study suggests that poor oral health can increase the risk of developing dementia substantially. Researchers found that missing teeth correlate with elevated dementia risk. Losing a tooth increases the risk by 1.1% but people who have no natural teeth remaining have a 40% higher risk of developing dementia…

04 Aug
What does your mouth reveal about your general health?

Most people are aware that oral symptoms and changes in the mouth can be symptomatic of gum disease and decay but there are many other possible reasons for abnormalities and signs, including white patches and swollen gums.  TV dentist, Dr Hanna Kinsella, has shared advice for patients with questions about…

03 Jun
Two-thirds of Brits now use an electric toothbrush, survey reveals

More than two-thirds of British adults are now using an electric toothbrush, according to a new survey.  The Oral Health Foundation conducted a poll recently as part of this year’s National Smile Month campaign, which kicked off on the 18th May. The survey showed that there has been an increase…

06 Nov
British Dental Association busts common dental myths to promote good oral hygiene

Many of us have grown up following a dental routine or employing certain habits to protect our smiles. While being aware of the importance of looking after your mouth is undoubtedly positive, dentists are concerned that some people have been misled by popular dental myths. In a bid to encourage…

12 Jun
New research links good oral health to lower Alzheimer’s risk

A new study has linked good oral health to a significant reduction in the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers from the University of Bergen, Norway, discovered that gum disease plays a major role in determining the level of risk of developing Alzheimer’s. Dr Piotr Mydel, from the research team,…

13 Mar
American researchers link oral bacteria to colon cancer progression

Researchers in America have established a link between a form of common oral bacteria and the acceleration of colon cancer. A team from the College of Dental Medicine at Columbia University found that a common strain of oral bacteria, which is linked to tooth decay, can also contribute to colon…