31 Aug
Four Reasons to Consider Replacing Your Fillings

Fillings are restorations, which are commonly used to fill cavities and prevent the spread of dental infections. If you have a filling, it won’t last forever, and you may be advised to have your filling replaced. Here are 4 reasons why it’s beneficial to consider replacing your fillings: Your fillings…

29 Aug
Children consume up to five times more sugar during the school holidays

A new survey suggests that children consume up to five times more sugar during the school holidays. A survey conducted in the South West revealed that children eat up to five times more sugary foods during the holidays. In response to poll findings, dentists are keen to encourage parents to…

15 Aug
Trading Standards issues warning over illegal tooth warning

Trading Standards has issued a warning over the provision of illegal tooth whitening treatment. The regulator has warned that visiting non-dentists for treatment can result in significant injuries, as research suggests that treatments are being offered for as little as £60. Under EU legislation, tooth whitening is a dental treatment,…

08 Aug
Row over water fluoridation erupts in East Yorkshire

A row over water fluoridation has erupted in East Yorkshire. Dental experts have accused local councillors of “peddling myths” and providing “alternative facts” to try and persuade people that water fluoridation is expensive and ineffective. The British Dental Association has spoken out after Hull City Council’s councillor in charge of…

01 Aug
New dental tech enables dentists to monitor patient stress levels

Most of us feel a little stressed about going to the dentist. It’s normal for your heart rate to rise when you’re waiting to see a dentist and you can hear the whirring sound of the drill in a nearby treatment room, but for some, dental anxiety is so profound…