29 Mar
Modern Choices in Dentistry in Central London

One of the greatest things about modern dentistry in central London today is the amount of choice available to us, the patients. Dentistry has gone through an almighty change over the past 20 years- computers and lasers for example, have helped to change the way dentists carry out the most…

28 Mar
Choosing Your Local Dentist in Central London

Everybody knows that choosing a dentist is a hard decision. Most people aren’t in a position to judge whether dentistry is good or bad so what are the signs to look out for when searching for a competent and caring practice? Firstly, how qualified is your dentist and do they…

27 Mar
Tooth Erosion, Causes and Symptoms in London

Dental erosion is the loss of tooth enamel as a result of  a direct acid attack. It can be caused by excessive exposure to acidic substances such as fizzy drinks. The condition is irreversible. Tooth erosion is not the same as tooth decay, tooth decay is the progressive loss of…

26 Mar
Avoid Tooth Decay by Following these Simple Steps from a Central London Dentist

Tooth decay occurs when the acids in your mouth dissolve the outer layer of your teeth. It is a very common health problem in Central London, more than half of adults have one or more teeth that are affected by decay. Tooth decay can lead to cavities and fillings, it…

24 Mar
How to Choose Your Toothpaste, a Dentist from London Tells You How

In this day and age, there are so many toothpastes available, each boasting a unique and desirable method of improving your oral health, how are we to know which toothpaste to choose? Dentists in London all agree that as long as your toothpaste contains fluoride, the brand and type of…

23 Mar
How to Choose Your Toothbrush, a Dentist in Central London Tells You How

Many people believe that electric toothbrushes are more competent than their traditional, manual counterparts. Although electric toothbrushes may make the process of cleaning one’s teeth easier, there is no evidence to prove that they are in any way superior to ordinary toothbrushes. If you follow these simple steps, choosing the…