25 Nov
Cute and Cosmetic: Bonding in London

Appearances can mean everything to you in London and can be the difference between success and failure; clothes and hair can make the difference, but then so too can your teeth and the way you smile. Now, as the years go by, the stresses of life can start to attack…

18 Nov
Getting quick repairs in the City of London with CEREC

The City of London demands many things of you and if you want to maintain your status, you have to keep ahead of the game, especially in the way you look; your teeth play a large part of this equation and should anything go wrong, it is comforting to know…

11 Nov
The brilliance behind Braces in London

Though the idea of having to have your teeth straightened may not exactly be the best time of your life, you should shop around because the world of orthodontics has come a very long way. Okay complex work will always take a long time, but in the end, it will…

04 Nov
Sizzling in 6 Months in the City of London

It is so refreshing to see that dentistry has got its act together over the past thirty or so years in the city of London; it has developed in so many different ways to cater for anything that goes wrong in the mouth. One area of particular interest is how…