25 Nov
Describing gum disease in London

Gum disease or gingivitis, is a major problem in London that affects more than 50% of adults with natural teeth At first, most people will be unaware of a problem, but if allowed to develop into periodontitis, (where the gum forms a pocket around the tooth), plaque can set in,…

24 Nov
Coping with sleep apnoea in London

There is a very good chance that nearly all of us in London could go through life without even knowing that we suffer from sleep apnea, if we lived alone. It’s usually noticed by a long suffering partner. Apnea is a term used for abnormal pauses in breathing, or low…

23 Nov
Getting root canal treatment in the city of London

In the city of London, as with anywhere, getting a root canal strikes fear into heart of its victim. This frightening technique can cause the mother of all pains, almost complete blood loss and ultimately decapitation, or more seriously, death! Sound familiar? The myths that surround root canal treatment have…

22 Nov
Choosing a porcelain crown in London

Over time, our teeth can take quick a battering causing cracks, wear and decay and if unchecked, can lead to more serious problems. It can also affect the aesthetics of the overall look of the mouth and the smile. According to most dentists in London, this is the time that…

21 Nov
The choice of a dental bridge in central London

Losing a tooth can be traumatic and can lead to many complications. Cosmetically it can hinder your look as well as your speech. According to most dentists in central London, a missing tooth does not necessarily have to be replaced. For vanity reasons, replacement depends on where in the mouth…

20 Nov
Zoom! Teeth whitening the city of London

Unsightly, stained teeth can often prevent us from smiling, leading to low self-esteem and confidence and as many times our teeth are brushed, it will not remove those deep entrenched stains. But according a city of London dentist, you would be well advised to recapture that clean and healthy smile…