13 Dec
New research suggests a link between dentures and muscle frailty

New research has revealed a link between wearing dentures and musculoskeletal frailty. The study, which was led by Dr Weal Sabbah, from King’s College London Dental Institute, suggests that people who are aged over 50 and have fewer than 20 natural teeth are more likely to experience increased frailty in…

29 Nov
New study suggests lost dentures cost the NHS £1 million per year

A new study suggests that lost dentures cost the NHS around £1 million per year. The study, which has been published in the British Dental Journal, revealed that almost 700 sets of dentures were lost in hospitals belonging to 11 trusts in England between 2011 and 2016. It is estimated…

04 Mar
Dazzling Dentures in the Heart of London

If you’ve got missing teeth, we can provide many innovative and effective solutions, including amazing modern dentures. Our dazzling dentures will restore your ability to eat and enjoy food and enable you to feel more confident when you smile. About dentures Dentures are sets of false teeth that have been…

14 Sep
5 Facts About Acrylic Dentures

Dentures have been used to replace lost natural teeth for several decades, but they have changed dramatically since the days of old. Today’s dentures look, work and feel like natural teeth, so you can enjoy a beautiful smile and increased confidence when your smile is on show. Here are five facts…

23 Apr
Fabulous Flexible Dentures

At Baker Street Dental we are proud to offer a range of tooth replacement treatments for patients with missing teeth and we have effective solutions for single and multiple missing teeth available. Our modern dentures offer a simple, affordable and convenient means of replacing missing teeth and restoring oral function….

22 Oct
A Custom-Fit Denture Helps You Find Harmony Once Again

Ill-fitting dentures can be a real pain, but with our custom-made dentures, this doesn’t have to be a worry. We use the finest quality materials to create bespoke natural looking dentures, which fit the contours of your mouth perfectly for a great looking, comfortable and functional smile. We offer partial…