31 Jan
Understanding Dental Procedures In London

Dental procedures are all about you, the patient, and so it wouldn’t do you any harm to pop down to your dentist in London and learn more about what’s on offer. The basic procedures have always been around; things like cleaning and polishing, basic fillings and of course, the pulling…

30 Jan
Being Prepared For The Worst In The City Of London

You may have a great dentist that you have a good relationship with, who will help to patch you up and keep you smiling whenever you need it. But even a relationship like this can be tested if you keep calling up whenever something goes wrong, or what you deem…

29 Jan
The Erosion Of Your Teeth In London

Your teeth go through an awful lot during your life in London: they are under constant threat from bacteria everyday which is why it’s essential that you try to keep them as clean as you can. The biggest threat comes from erosion that will affect the thickness of the enamel…

28 Jan
Getting It And Fighting It: Teeth Decay In Central London

There are a lot of spiteful things that can attack your teeth and gums the moment you take your eye off your oral hygiene and plaque is the biggest enemy of all to you in central London. It grows from the unchecked bacteria deposited onto your teeth and will soon…

26 Jan
Helping The Baby Through Teething In the City Of London

Your baby is a delicate little creature that cannot express itself. But you will know when it is going through problems because crying is the only expression it has to get a message to you. One of the issues that will seriously upset your baby though will be when it…

25 Jan
Up Close And Personal With Your Toothpaste In London

If you go out to buy yourself some toothpaste in London, you’ll notice that there is an amazing range of options on offer. Now, it is not something that you should get confused about, rather than sitting down and looking at your lifestyle and finding one to matches your needs….