20 Dec
Scientists develop spit test to diagnose oral cancer caused by HPV

Scientists have developed a simple spit test, which could help to diagnose cases of mouth and throat cancer caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV).  A new study suggests that the test could save thousands of lives every year. Oral cancer is a form of cancer that has become more…

04 Sep
Cancer charity calls for HPV vaccine to be made available for older boys

A leading cancer charity has called for the HPV vaccine to be made available for older boys and young men.  The Teenage Cancer Trust believes that the injection should be available for older teenagers and young men, as well as 11-13 year-olds. The HPV vaccine will now be provided for…

17 Apr
The Head and Neck Cancer Foundation urges patients to ask dentists to provide oral cancer checks

The Head and Neck Cancer Foundation is encouraging patients to ask their dentist to include oral cancer checks in routine appointments. Oral cancer checks should be provided as part of a routine dental check-up, but the HNCF is urging patients to make sure that their dentists are carrying out the…

25 Apr
New study suggests that just 1 drink a day elevates gum disease and oral cancer risk

A new study has suggested that drinking just one alcoholic drink per day could elevate your risk of developing gum disease, oral cancer and heart disease. Research conducted by experts at New York University, revealed that people who had at least one drink a day had more harmful oral bacteria…

25 Oct
Men who perform oral sex on women may be more likely to develop oral cancer, new research reveals

New research has revealed that men who perform oral sex on women may be more likely to develop oral cancer. Researchers in the US claim that men who have performed oral sex on at least 5 female partners are more likely to develop head and neck cancer. The risk is…

06 Sep
Could dating apps be fuelling rising rates of oral cancer?

Dentists have issued a warning over the use of dating apps amid concerns over the increased prevalence of HPV, a virus known to increase the risk of several forms of cancer, including oral cancer. The British Dental Association, along with a number of other health bodies, has already backed a…