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Posts tagged “diabetes”

Being a Diabetic and caring for your Gums in London

There is sadly an awful link between gum disease and diabetes in London. It hard enough being a diabetic as it is- you have a weakened immune system that you have to keep on top of everyday and keep in check just to survive. You may even have to use medication in order to keep your body and its sugar levels stable. Now this makes you a prime candidate for gum disease. This can be caused by over medication that dries up your saliva and then encourage gum disease to flare-up, so you have to work doubly hard to avoid such problems occurring. Weirdly, having gum disease has also been linked with bringing on diabetes. It does appear like a vicious circle at first and one you are stuck in. But if you feel you are fighting a losing a battle, you do have a good ally- the dentist. They can set your mind at rest and help you with these issues and so you can get through any problems that may come along.

Diabetes in Central London and its Links with oral Hygiene

All dentists in central London have always been aware of the importance oral hygiene, but it’s thanks to scientific studies over the past 20 years, that they now also know how a bad mouth can affect the rest of the body, and one of these examples is the link between gum disease and diabetes. Unless you are of an immaculate constitution, gum disease will get to most of us, in some form, at some stage of our lives. It emanates from poor oral hygiene and diet to begin with, growing out of the build up of plaque around the teeth. Once it sets in, it starts to poison the blood that flows into the rest of the body and if left to roam, has been proven to cause diabetes. If you have diabetes, or know anyone that has, it’s an awfully hard condition to keep on top of- you have to monitor everything you eat and drink to maintain the sugar levels in your body, or you die. Of course, some people get diabetes early on in their lives- totally unrelated to gum disease. But diabetics are among the highest group of people to then suffer from gum disease and tooth loss; it isn’t a very attractive merry-go-round to find your-self on. Either or, it makes it imperative to maintain a very intense level of oral hygiene for yourself and between you and your dentist, and the amazing range of products on the market, you have a great opportunity of fighting the problem.

Oral Hygiene and Diabetes, is there a link? We ask a Central London dentist

Recent reports have linked Diabetes problems with a poor oral hygiene program. If you have a bad or poor regime then infections will be a constant problem in your mouth. Where a cut is caused by a weakened gum, bacteria can leak into the blood system and roam around the body says a Central London dentist. Diabetes causes the body enough problems already, so the last thing it needs is more problems from a distant area of the body. All that is required from a diabetic is a good oral program, and that means keeping bacterium down to a safe level. For a diabetic the most dangerous time is when they are sleeping, for it is at this time that our saliva gland also sleeps. Keeping fresh water by the bed will allow the mouth to keep itself salivated; and clear from bacterium. Fluoride is naturally in water and this will not only neutralise acid build up, but it will kill off the bacterium that damages our tooth enamel. All these things will almost eliminate infections in the gums and keep them strong and healthy, which will in turn prevent infectious bacterium from entering our blood system, and causing our organs and blood production more problems. Flossing will also help enormously, and so it is important to do it right and to do it on a regular basis. Food debris is what bacteria feeds on, and the most common places it gets trapped in is in between the teeth. Brushing alone won`t remove it, and so flossing and sometimes a tooth pick will be needed. There`s a lot more to diabetes and oral hygiene than most of us give credit for, so if you are diabetic keep this in mind when caring for your teeth and you`ll have a lot less problems.

The causes of Bad Breath are easy to overcome; A City of London dentist advises

Bad breath is a taboo subject in most social circles, and if you are a sufferer then you`re often the last to know says a City of London dentist. Testing your breath by breathing into your hands won`t give you any indication of the bad odour, your nose doesn`t allow it. Eating spicy foods is sometimes a cause of a bad odour, but this in itself is not bad breath as per say. Diabetes is a cause and a good one as it gives us an early sign of the disease, and if we are doing the right things to control it. Flossing between the teeth and regular cleaning of the teeth will seriously improve the state of your breath; you need to have a good oral hygiene routine which means brushing, flossing and washing the mouth constantly throughout the day. Just drinking ordinary water throughout the day will not only improve your body functions, but it will keep harmful bacteria at bay in the mouth. Carry flossing sticks and use them for a few minutes after every meal, they will loosen food debris and starve the bacteria of the fats and sugars that they need to survive. This bacterium dies off quickly and the decaying body`s gives off an odious odour, it all sounds disgusting and it is, just remember that this is happening in your mouth right now; and so you need to take more care. Just using a mouth deodoriser to disguise the smell won`t cure the problem, in extreme cases it is called Halitosis and it is very off putting g for anyone you are speaking directly with. Bad breath is a curable disorder, and if you need some professional help then consult with your dental surgery`s hygiene nurse. Make sure that you have a regime of oral hygiene and stick to it, you`ll see a remarked improvement in just a few days.

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