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Posts tagged “children’s oral health”

More than 90% of childhood extractions are required for decay

New data published by Public Health England has confirmed that over 90% of extraction procedures carried out in hospitals in England are required for extensive decay. Nine out of ten children aged 0-5 need treatment in hospital as a result of a dental disease, which is almost always preventable.

Research suggests that there has been an overall improvement in children’s dental health in the last year, but standards are falling in younger children under the age of 5. Dental problems are also still the most common reason for hospital admission among children aged between 6 and 10 years old.

Dental decay can cause severe pain and low self-esteem, and studies show that the need for extractions under general anaesthetic contributes to around 60,000 missed school days per year.

One of the main causes of decay is excessive sugar consumption. There has been a slight decline in consumption in the last year, but data shows that a large proportion of kids are still consuming far more than the recommended daily intake. The average child is taking in the equivalent of 8 more cubes than the recommended quantity.

Public Health England’s Change4Life campaign is encouraging parents and children to be more aware of sugar content, and to make healthy swaps, which will reduce the average daily intake of the entire family. Cereals, flavoured yoghurts, fizzy drinks and juices, dried fruit, and cereal bars are all products that often contain high levels of sugar. Health experts are encouraging parents to read food labels and to stick to whole grain cereals and porridge, natural yoghurt and water and milk. The Change4Life website also has information about healthy snacking, after it was revealed that many children consume the recommended daily intake of sugar through snacking alone.

In addition to making healthy food swaps, Public Health England is also eager to promote regular routine dental checks from the age of 12 months, and twice-daily brushing.

New research suggests parents allow children to consume up to 5 times more sugar during the holidays

New research suggests that parents will allow their children to consume up to five times more sugar than normal during the summer holidays.

A poll has revealed that parents in the UK adopt a much more lenient stance when it comes to diet and nutrition in the holidays. The survey, which involved around 1,000 parents of children aged between 2 and 17 years old revealed a worrying trend that sees parents enabling children to increase their daily sugar intake considerably over the holiday period.

The research, which was conducted by mydentist, revealed that fizzy drinks and ice creams were the worst offenders in the long summer break. The findings of the study are even more alarming given that two-thirds of parents admitted that they wouldn’t take the opportunity to book a dental check for their kids in the next eight weeks. Just 1 in 10 parents said that their child would eat more vegetables during the holidays.

Mydentist clinical director, Nyree Whitley, said that the summer holidays are an excellent time to book dental checks for kids, especially as most consume more sugar than normal. NHS dental care is available free of charge for children, and routine checks can help to reduce the risk of dental decay significantly.

Sugar consumption is one of the potential risk factors for decay, the most common preventable childhood illness and the reason most children are admitted for hospital treatment.

In light of the findings, dentists are urging parents to moderate sugar intake, especially between meals, and to make use of the time away from the classroom to schedule a dental check-up. Most dentists recommend checks every 6 months for children aged 12 months or older.

Fitting your Child out with a Dental Sealant in the City of London

Children will be notoriously excited about all that the city of London has to offer them as the start to grow older, especially as they start to get the taste of sugar; sweets and fizzy drinks are full of all tasty things that are a beacon for children. Now as a parent, you will give it your best shot in order to teach your kids all about the dangers of tooth decay and the necessity for oral hygiene, but at this age of growth, it may fall on barren ears and problems may crop up that can become quite costly to repair at the dentists. Now you can’t always keep an eye on your kids and what they stuff in their mouths, but you can take precautions to protect them from tooth decay by fitting them out with dental sealants. This involves covering the more vulnerable surfaces of the teeth with a thin film of plastic in order to stave off a build up of bacteria on the enamel; it is easy to do quickly and can last up to 10 years. The teeth will be totally protected from decay and as a parent, you can sleep easy at nights knowing that you have not only protected your kid’s teeth, but also saved a lot of money in the future.


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