27 Mar
Why has dental tourism become more popular?

The number of dental patients leaving the UK to have treatment abroad is rising year on year, but why has dental tourism become so popular, and is it safe to have treatment overseas? CEO of Kreativ Dental, Attila Knott, said that travelling abroad is an appealing option for many because…

17 Jan
Childhood decay epidemic is costing the NHS more than £35 million per year

Extraction procedures carried out in UK hospitals are costing the NHS millions of pounds per year, it has been confirmed. Last year, the NHS spent more than £35 million on dental procedures, which could have been prevented. According to statistics from the Local Government Association (LGA), a total of 42,911…

29 Nov
New study suggests lost dentures cost the NHS £1 million per year

A new study suggests that lost dentures cost the NHS around £1 million per year. The study, which has been published in the British Dental Journal, revealed that almost 700 sets of dentures were lost in hospitals belonging to 11 trusts in England between 2011 and 2016. It is estimated…

31 May
Looking good comes at a price, as new survey reveals we spend much more on beauty products than health checks

A new survey has revealed that women spend much more on beauty and hair treatments than they do on health checks. The poll, which was conducted by Oasis Dental Care, showed that the average woman spends £258 on makeup and hair products, compared to just £161 on health checks. A…