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Why has dental tourism become more popular?

The number of dental patients leaving the UK to have treatment abroad is rising year on year, but why has dental tourism become so popular, and is it safe to have treatment overseas?

CEO of Kreativ Dental, Attila Knott, said that travelling abroad is an appealing option for many because it offers significant cost savings. Kreativ Dental, which is based in Hungary, is one of a host of overseas clinics benefiting from this growing trend. Prices are substantially lower in parts of Eastern Europe than they are in the UK, and this means that patients can afford cosmetic treatments or services like dental implants, which they simply wouldn’t be able to pay for at home. As dental tourism booms in countries like Hungary and further afield in India and Thailand, competition becomes more intense and fees fall, making travelling for treatment an even more appealing option.

For some patients, the idea of taking a break is also attractive. Many people return having had dental work and enjoyed a holiday and still find that they’ve saved hundreds, even thousands of pounds.

While there are many advantages of going abroad for dental treatment, there are also drawbacks. Standards of training may not be as impressive, regulations and good practice guidelines may not be as stringent, and the quality of materials used may not be as high. To combat the risks, it’s crucial to undertake extensive research before choosing a clinic, and to ensure that dental professionals have the relevant expertise and qualifications. It’s worth noting that it will probably cost a lot more to see a UK dentist to correct botched dental work than it would have been to have treatment at home in the first place.

Childhood decay epidemic is costing the NHS more than £35 million per year

shutterstock_262465640Extraction procedures carried out in UK hospitals are costing the NHS millions of pounds per year, it has been confirmed. Last year, the NHS spent more than £35 million on dental procedures, which could have been prevented.

According to statistics from the Local Government Association (LGA), a total of 42,911 extractions were carried out on children in England last year. This equates to 170 extractions per day at a cost of £36.2 million.

The new figures demonstrate an increase of almost 20% in extractions over the last four years, with the NHS spending approximately £165 million on treating decay since 2012.

A spokesperson for NHS England described the situation as an “unfortunate and unnecessary epidemic” and blamed the surge in cases of decay on an increase in sugar consumption. The figures have been released just days after Public Health England launched a new campaign to encourage parents and children to scrap sugary snacks in favour of healthier options.

The LGA, which represents a total of 37 councils in Wales and England, has called for more to be done to tackle excessive sugar consumption and suggested measures such as reducing the sugar content of soft drinks and using a teaspoon labelling system, which would show buyers how many teaspoons of sugar each product contains.

Dental decay is the most common cause of hospital admissions among children in the UK.

New study suggests lost dentures cost the NHS £1 million per year

shutterstock_626186723A new study suggests that lost dentures cost the NHS around £1 million per year.

The study, which has been published in the British Dental Journal, revealed that almost 700 sets of dentures were lost in hospitals belonging to 11 trusts in England between 2011 and 2016. It is estimated that nationwide, 9,500 dentures are lost each year at a cost of around £1 million.

Peter Dyer, president of the British Dental Association, said that losing dentures can be incredibly distressing for patients and this study shows just how common it is for patients to lose their dentures whilst in hospital. Patients often lack confidence in their appearance without their dentures and it can also affect their ability to eat and also to communicate with others. The situation is also often made worse by the fact that it tends to take several weeks to replace lost dentures.

In light of the findings, the British Dental Association is calling for hospital trusts to do more to prevent patients from ending up waiting weeks for replacement dentures. Research suggests that the most common cause of lost dentures is patients trying to hide or store them in wrapped-up tissue or cloth, which either gets cleared away or caught up in bed linen or dirty washing. The BDA is encouraging hospital staff to be more aware of the impact of denture loss and to try and take steps to help patients store and look after their dentures safely.

Looking good comes at a price, as new survey reveals we spend much more on beauty products than health checks

shutterstock_570190258A new survey has revealed that women spend much more on beauty and hair treatments than they do on health checks. The poll, which was conducted by Oasis Dental Care, showed that the average woman spends £258 on makeup and hair products, compared to just £161 on health checks.

A fifth of those surveyed admitted that their primary motivation for exercising was to look good, while half of participants said they would endure pain in exchange for a perfect body. Around 60 percent of people said they had worn clothing they found uncomfortable because they thought it made them look good and more than 80 percent of those surveyed admitted that they’d ignored health problems in the hope that they would go away.

The survey also showed that more than a third of participants hadn’t seen a dentist in the last 12 months, despite advice from dentists recommending at least one check-up per year. On average, both men and women spent around £123 on dental treatments per year. Sixty percent suggested that health is more important than looking good, but most revealed that they would be more likely to spend £30 on a new piece of clothing than a dental appointment.

Oasis Dental Care’s clinical director, Eddie Coyle, suggested that the survey findings show that most people are more concerned with their looks than their health and when it comes to spending money, image is often top of the list of priorities. Mr Coyle hopes that the survey results will encourage people to think more carefully about their health, suggesting that “it’s difficult to look your best if you are not feeling your best.”

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