29 Jan
Love Island sparks increase in online searches for veneers and dental treatment overseas

The new series of Love Island has contributed to a sharp rise in the number of online searches for cosmetic dental treatments and dental clinics overseas. Coffee bean entrepreneur, Connor is perhaps the most notable contestant in terms of his influence on Internet searches. During the first couple of episodes,…

27 Mar
Why has dental tourism become more popular?

The number of dental patients leaving the UK to have treatment abroad is rising year on year, but why has dental tourism become so popular, and is it safe to have treatment overseas? CEO of Kreativ Dental, Attila Knott, said that travelling abroad is an appealing option for many because…

18 Apr
Saudi Arabia emerges as appealing destination for dental tourists

Saudi Arabia is emerging as an increasingly appealing destination for dental tourists, it has been revealed. Research suggests that there has been an increase in visitor numbers in recent years, with many looking to access dental services at lower costs. Currently, Saudi Arabia ranks third in the list of the…