14 Nov
75% of UK adults are unware of the symptoms of mouth cancer, despite a 135% increase in the number of cases

A new study has suggested that three-quarters of UK adults are unaware of the symptoms of mouth cancer, despite the fact that there has been a 135% increase in the number of cases in the last two decades. Figures published by the Oral Health Foundation show that 75% of people…

30 Nov
Public Health Wales issues warning over rising mouth cancer rates

Figures released by Public Health Wales show that mouth cancer is becoming increasingly prevalent. The latest statistics show an increase in the number of recorded cases; however, there has been an improvement in one-year survival rates. There has been little change in five-year survival figures. The report also revealed that…

10 Nov
It's Mouth Cancer Action Month in London!

¬†November is Mouth Cancer Action Month, and the biggest, most effective and important method for diagnosing cases of oral cancer in its early stages is dental check-ups. Regular check-ups enable us to keep on top of your oral hygiene, as well as giving us the chance to look out for…

10 Sep
The horror that Oral Cancer brings to the City of London

Things often go wrong in your mouth in the city of London; ulcers, sore throats, tooth decay, blah, blah etc, etc. Normally, you can get a quick fix in order to get over these problems; however, if they continually persist and keep annoying you over a course of weeks, it…

21 Feb
Beating Oral Cancer in London

It is not just enough to be diagnosed with oral cancer, but it is the stigma that comes with the disease in London that is the most soul destroying, and it takes an awful lot of strength to rally yourself, and your friends, to fight it head on. It comes…

18 Dec
Fear and Loathing in London with Oral Cancer

Life can be going along quite nicely inLondonand then you may start to find that you are suffering from a little discomfort in your mouth: maybe you have a repetitive ulcer or two, are suffering from a constant sore throat, maybe you have an aching jaw all the time and…