28 Sep
Four Steps to Fresher Breath

Do you suffer from bad breath, or are you on the lookout for ways to improve your oral hygiene regime and keep bad breath firmly at bay? If so, here are 4 steps you can take today: Brush for 2 minutes twice a day: brushing is essential for preventing bad…

31 Jul
Four Summer Foods For a Healthy Smile

Summer has finally arrived, and we’re basking in beautiful sunshine. When warm weather descends, it’s common to embrace seasonal foods and drinks and classic summer staples. While some foods and drinks can be bad for your teeth, there are lots of options that can be beneficial for your oral health….

30 Mar
5 Reasons To Wear Retainers after Teeth Straightening

If you’ve had tooth straightening treatment, the last thing you want is for all the good work to come undone. Here are 5 reasons why it’s important to use retainers after wearing braces: Prolonged results: retainers are specially designed to maintain the position of the teeth. Braces move the teeth…

21 Feb
Are you getting tooth care all wrong?

Even if you clean your teeth twice a day, every day, there’s a chance that you’re not doing it right. There’s an art to brushing, and certain habits can prevent you from achieving the clean you want. To improve dental health and optimise results, dental experts have shared some common…

31 Jan
Five Reasons Why Retainers are So Important after Orthodontic Treatment

If you’ve had orthodontic treatment, we strongly recommend using retainers once your braces have been removed. Here are 5 good reasons why retainers are so important for orthodontic patients: Results maintenance: if you’ve got a stunning new straight smile, the last thing you want is for the good work to…

14 Jun
Could your brushing technique be ruining your teeth?

Learning to include twice-daily brushing in your habitual routine is part and parcel of growing up. Most of us know that we’re supposed to brush twice a day, but do you know how to brush your teeth properly. You may think that you’re doing a great job just because you…