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The Baby, the Bottle and Tooth Decay in the City of London

Getting your kid’s teeth to grow properly is probably one of the toughest things you will be confronted with as they start off in life in the city of London; this is even more poignant when they are just babies. Getting things right from the off will define your child’s oral future. The thing is though, you must be very vigilant about is tooth decay in these early years and it comes from many angles. Now with a baby, there is a tendency for parents to stuff a bottle of milk in the mouth to pacify the child when it is crying or feels agitated. This may well do the trick, but too much bottle can add to tooth decay if you are not careful: the milk can be quite sticky and will form film on the teeth and then bacteria will break out very quickly, attacking the surfaces of enamel. Damage now will impair the growth of the secondary teeth for the future and then it could take a lot of work to repair the problems when they grow older. You need to seek advice from a paediatrician and dentist as soon as your child is born in order that you can make the right decisions for your kids and their teeth.

Being Careful Of The Baby Bottle In Central London

When a baby is born, there is obviously a lot to think about as a parent in central London in order that they get the best healthy start in life- diet being one of them. This involves breast feeding at first and then light feeding later on, but during these early days, you as a parent may well do a lot of bottle feeding to comfort the child during sleep, or use the bottle if you can no longer breast feed them. At some point, the teeth will come through and this is the most important moment of your child’s oral health and it will be down to you to ensure the teeth are clean. The milk in the bottle you give them and the syrups you might dip a dummy into, will leave deposits on the teeth and if it isn’t wiped or brushed away, bacteria will set about causing decay in the teeth. Now if this is not addressed, either by you or by a dentist (the baby can be fitted with sealants even at this stage), you may well hinder their future oral health. These first teeth set up the secondary teeth and if your baby gets decay set in because of bottle feeding, your child may well have problems in the future.


Decay and the Bottle in Babies in Central London

Parenting is the easiest things to do in the world, in fact, it is fraught with anxiety and challenges which you must tackle if your child is to grow up and lead a healthy life in central London: this is especially true when your child is a baby and most certainly, one of the difficult times is when your child’s teeth start to breach into the mouth. Now it is hard enough feeding them, let alone pacify them when this happens and a lot of parents think that by simply putting a bottle into their mouths will do the job; it may well do, but you could well be doing more damage than you think if you keep pumping your baby with milk. New teeth are very vulnerable to decay and will be hard for you to clean, but milk can leave detrimental deposits on the teeth that can aid the decay. Also, too much of the bottle can lead to misshapen teeth. You need to get help and the way to do this is to find a paediatrician as soon as your child is born and learn as much as you can about how to care for your baby’s teeth and how to avoid the problem of decay: this period will define your child’s oral health for the rest of its life.


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