06 Mar
American researchers link oral bacteria to colon cancer progression

Researchers in America have established a link between a form of common oral bacteria and the acceleration of colon cancer. A team from the College of Dental Medicine at Columbia University found that a common strain of oral bacteria, which is linked to tooth decay, can also contribute to colon…

05 Dec
Would you buy a Dyson toothbrush? Innovative inventor reveals latest project

When you hear the name Dyson, you probably think of hoovers, but that could be able to change. Sir James Dyson, one of the world’s most prolific inventors, has revealed that his latest project is a state of the art toothbrush. The Dyson firm, which is owned by the innovative…

14 Aug
Brush Of The Effects Of Bruising Bacteria With Dental Whitening

It’s important to brush regularly and keep bacteria at bay as it’s the bacteria from food debris remaining inside your mouth which causes tooth decay and yellowing of the tooth enamel. Sugar is the number one culprit for causing stains and tooth decay. If you’d like to maintain your smile,…

05 Jul
London Dentist Discusses how to Stop Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is one of the most common dental problems in the world. During eating food particles are left behind in our mouths, these particles can develop bacteria (not all of which is necessarily bad). This bacteria forms a film over your teeth and is called plaque. It is the…

11 Oct
Watching out for Dental Cavities in the City of London

The top of any dentists agenda in the city of London is to ensure they look after your teeth as best as they humanly can and to advise you how to do the same when your not sitting in the chair, and there are some basic principles applied to this….

29 Sep
The ongoing fight against Tooth Decay in Central London

Tooth decay in central London is the direct result of poor oral hygiene. In the average diet, the foods will consist of carbohydrates and sugar at some point but it’s vital that they are removed from the surface of the tooth, otherwise, the bacteria and acids that emanate from such…