20 Mar
More than 90% of childhood extractions are required for decay

New data published by Public Health England has confirmed that over 90% of extraction procedures carried out in hospitals in England are required for extensive decay. Nine out of ten children aged 0-5 need treatment in hospital as a result of a dental disease, which is almost always preventable. Research…

10 Jul
Keeping An Eye On Your Kiddies Teeth In London

So you have taken that wonderful plunge and decided to have a baby in London- how lovely. It is a huge undertaking though; there are a lot of things you need to be vigilant about as your child grows up, especially when dealing with oral health, as the teeth are…

25 Dec
Concerned Dentist in the City of London Offers Parents Advice on Teething Toddlers

Children can begin teething as early as three months of age and go on until the child’s third birthday. Teething toddlers can understandably be a frustrating experience for parents. We understand completely how difficult it must be to watch your child struggle with the pain and discomfort of developing new…

27 Apr
King’s College, London for Child Oral Health

Today dental problems are increasing rapidly and the debutant step is put forwards by the King’s College based in London to start up with Child Oral Health Improvement Programs. This initiative is also recognized to be the first step undertaken globally. It was in the Global Child Dental Health Taskforce…