03 Apr
Stained and yellowing teeth can cost you far more than just your confidence.

Researchers in the US are urging parents to keep their children’s baby teeth to combat potentially deadly diseases later in life. Scientists from the United States National Center for Biotechnology claim that the stem cells in baby teeth are likely to be in better condition than those found in adult…

08 Jun
You, your Kids and their Oral Health in London

There should be no doubt at all when it comes to loving your kids in London, and from the day they are born, you will care and nurture them and ensure they are brought up healthy. This is also the same for their oral health, but with this comes a…

10 Sep
Looking after your Kids Teeth in London

It’s a lovely time for any couple when they decide to settle down, get married maybe and decide to start a family- it truly is a romantic adventure you are about to embark on in London, but to make that adventure work, there is a lot of time that you…

04 Jun
Thumbsucking is a Natural Occurrence But Your London Dentist Can Help Answer Any Dental Concerns You May Have

Many children suck their thumbs from the earliest age, it can even be seen in the womb with ultrasounds. Thumbsucking is a natural reflex that is harmless at an early age. For most children thumbsucking will cease at 6 months, some it will continue for several years, and a few…

05 Jan
Tips for a cheeky kid's smile in London

A few pointers for your child’s smile in London So, you have decided to have kids in London and now you have to look after them- especially their teeth. Now this can be a big wake-up call, but if you take a step back and consider what you went through…