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Posts tagged “Children’s dental health”

Stained and yellowing teeth can cost you far more than just your confidence.

Researchers in the US are urging parents to keep their children’s baby teeth to combat potentially deadly diseases later in life.

Scientists from the United States National Center for Biotechnology claim that the stem cells in baby teeth are likely to be in better condition than those found in adult teeth, which may have been exposed to environmental hazards. Stem cells play a valuable role in the regeneration of new cells, and could help to save lives, according to the research team. It is thought that in some cases, using stem cells from milk teeth could eliminate the need to try and obtain stem cells from the bone marrow, which is a more complex process.

Although using stem cells from milk teeth is a relatively new concept, researchers believe that it could become much more commonplace in the near future. Stem cells could be used to treat some forms of cancer and to try and prevent heart attacks, and it’s also possible for the cells to facilitate bone growth, to regenerate tissue in the liver and eyes and to treat diabetes. Cells can be harvested from baby teeth up to 10 years after the tooth has been lost.

A trial in China revealed that stem cells taken from milk teeth helped to restore feeling and sensation in damaged adult teeth. Songtao Shi, from the University of Pennsylvania, which was involved in the study, explained that the treatment gave patients the ability to feel again, for example, to experience hot and cold. The university team is now planning to work on a trial that determines how using stem cells from a child can impact other people.

You, your Kids and their Oral Health in London

There should be no doubt at all when it comes to loving your kids in London, and from the day they are born, you will care and nurture them and ensure they are brought up healthy. This is also the same for their oral health, but with this comes a word of warning: their teeth will go through the more complex of changes than any other part of the body and you will need to be well prepared for this, not just with a cuddle when things go wrong, but how you are going to pay for all of the treatments that will accompany these changes, so this should be on the agenda as soon as they are born. Then you are going to have to find a paediatrician, a dentist and a hygienist who will help give you advice and treat them accordingly as they go from teething, second teeth, orthodontic treatments and possibly even wisdom teeth. They need to also be taught how to look after themselves and clean their teeth as they get older, and feed them a healthy diet to keep their teeth strong. No-one said it’s a breeze, but if you love them and get this right, they should be healthy in their lives forever with great teeth as well.


Looking after your Kids Teeth in London

It’s a lovely time for any couple when they decide to settle down, get married maybe and decide to start a family- it truly is a romantic adventure you are about to embark on in London, but to make that adventure work, there is a lot of time that you as parents have to put in, in order that your kids grow up healthy and have the best start in life. One of the biggest issues as they grow up, is their teeth, as their mouths will go through many changes. From the moment they are born, their teeth start to grow and your first obstacle is when they break through the gums as this is not only painful for your child, but the mouth is very vulnerable to infection and after that, decay. This is the time to work with a paediatrician to help you through these choppy waters. Then, the next problem is when the secondary teeth start to appear, by which time you should have chosen a dentist- this is an important factor as keeping in with a good family dentist can help to build up a good record of your kids teeth. Then, their teeth may need straightening later on. All of these problems and treatments will costs money to put right, so from the very beginning, you will have to ensure that you have your family covered with dental insurance or a payment plan so that you can be sure that your kids will have the best possible oral start in life and that their teeth will last them through their lives.

Thumbsucking is a Natural Occurrence But Your London Dentist Can Help Answer Any Dental Concerns You May Have

Many children suck their thumbs from the earliest age, it can even be seen in the womb with ultrasounds. Thumbsucking is a natural reflex that is harmless at an early age. For most children thumbsucking will cease at 6 months, some it will continue for several years, and a few will continue on for much longer. For many young children it becomes a comforting action and may help them to sleep at night. It is only when children continue to suck their thumb over many years that there are dental risks. If this is the case, your London dentist will be able to show you the best methods of prevention.

It is highly advised that children are encouraged to stop thumbsucking by the time their adult teeth make an appearance. It is the continuous habit, more than the actual pressure that can cause thumbsucking to cause malformation of the teeth and gums. Over the years the pressure slowly pulls the teeth forward around the shape of the thumb. The roof of the mouth will also change shape to account for new shape of the teeth. Treatments for serious issues will be severe and a lot harder than preventative measures.

If children do not stop sucking their thumb of their volition there are a few techniques that might help. Be sure to praise children for not sucking their thumb, more than berate them for doing it. If a child is thumbsucking due to anxiety it is important to address the cause of the anxiety, not just the symptom. If necessary your dentist may be able to prescribe extreme bitter medication that is painted onto the thumb and makes the experience highly unpleasant for the child. Do not simply replace the thumb with a pacifier, these have equally problematic consequences for dental health.

Tips for a cheeky kid’s smile in London

A few pointers for your child’s smile in London

So, you have decided to have kids in London and now you have to look after them- especially their teeth. Now this can be a big wake-up call, but if you take a step back and consider what you went through and are still going through, you can apply this to your children as they grow to ensure they have the best teeth in the world. From a baby, they will teethe and suffer from the ongoing process of developing, but if you have the right people on board such as a good pediatrician and dentist at this early stage, then you will be in safe hands. But you have to do a lot of work yourself too. There are some great herbal soothers around that can help to make the passage of your child easy as their teeth break through- it’s all about transferring your wisdom to your offspring. Tooth decay is always a threat in children and it is not just about how you teach them to clean their teeth as they get older, it can also come down to what you feed them as well. Diet is so vital in young children and if you get this right, they will be given the best opportunist start in life, because beyond teething comes secondary teeth, possible braces and then wisdom teeth. Of course it is never easy, but if you apply a bit of common sense, your child will be ever thankful for the smile they exude in later life.

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