03 Apr
Stained and yellowing teeth can cost you far more than just your confidence.

Researchers in the US are urging parents to keep their children’s baby teeth to combat potentially deadly diseases later in life. Scientists from the United States National Center for Biotechnology claim that the stem cells in baby teeth are likely to be in better condition than those found in adult…

11 Apr
Government statistics show that dental decay costs 60,000 school days every year

Government statistics show that dental decay is costing children around 60,000 school days per year. Figures suggest that a child in England has had a tooth removed every 10 minutes, with an average of 141 extraction procedures carried out every day. The new figures from Public Health England were released…

07 Mar
Parents urged to swap painkillers for dental visits for children with toothache

Parents have been urged to swap painkillers for dental visits after it emerged that only a third of children see a dentist for dental pain. Research conducted by a team at Queen Mary University London found that only a third of children are seeing a dentist for tooth pain, with…

01 Feb
Health board contacts parents following Auckland school dental clinic scare

Representatives from Counties Manukau Health (CMH) are contacting the families of children who attended a school clinic in South Auckland amid concerns that children may have come into contact with contaminated water. Health authorities are writing to the parents of children who attended appointments at Pukekohe Intermediate Dental Clinic between…

10 Sep
Looking after your Kids Teeth in London

It’s a lovely time for any couple when they decide to settle down, get married maybe and decide to start a family- it truly is a romantic adventure you are about to embark on in London, but to make that adventure work, there is a lot of time that you…

05 Mar
Advice for Parents in the City of London: How to Look After Your Child's Smile

Children can be unruly, unmanageable and uncooperative at the best of times. However, when it comes to brushing their teeth and visiting the dentist, this childhood rebellion goes into overdrive. Every parent knows, or remembers, the kicking and screaming matches accompany a dental check-up or a bedtime ritual. But what…