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Three Reasons It’s Important to See Your Hygienist Regularly

shutterstock_615827510Most of us are aware that we need to go to the dentist every 6-12 months, but did you know that it’s also really beneficial to see a dental hygienist on a regular basis? If you’re thinking about booking a dental hygiene appointment, here are 3 good reasons to go ahead:

  1. Lower risk of gum disease: if you see your dental hygienist on a regular basis, you can drastically reduce your risk of developing both decay and gum disease. Dental hygienists use intensive cleaning treatments to remove plaque and tartar deposits, ridding your mouth of harmful bacteria and increasing your chances of enjoying good oral health for longer. Your hygienist can also offer advice to help you brush better at home and adopt a healthier, more tooth-friendly diet.
  2. Fresh, clean breath: bad breath is a very common problem. If you’re prone to halitosis (bad breath), you may be advised to see a dental hygienist on a regular basis. This is because the cleaning techniques used by hygienists are much more powerful than brushing at home. Bad breath is caused by bacteria in your mouth releasing odorous gases. Your hygienist will target bacteria and clean areas of the mouth that are commonly missed when brushing.
  3. Sparkling smile: there’s nothing like the feeling of freshness you get when you’ve been to the dentist or the dental hygienist and you’ve had your teeth cleaned. Your hygienist can remove surface stains and get rid of unsightly plaque and tartar, giving your teeth a gorgeous, healthy glow.

If you’d like to know more about our dental hygiene services, why not give us a call today?

Gorgeous healthy Gums in Central London

Your gums are a much prised procession in your mouth: they house your teeth and ensure that you have a stunning smile whenever you go dashing around central London. However, they are very delicate and are certainly not indestructible; they are also very vulnerable to infection and disease, so you need to put in a lot of effort to keep them healthy- as you do with your teeth. Food can easily get lodged in your teeth and up around your gums, so you should make flossing an important part of your oral cleaning each day. If you do start to have problems with your gums though, you need to pull out all the stops to settle them down again; massaging herbal products into them will promote blood flow and stimulate them. Bleeding gums need urgent attention as it could indicate disease has crept in; alter your oral hygiene, seek solace and advice from your dentist. Again, going herbal will help, as will rinsing your mouth out with salt water. But your gums don’t react well to smoking or a dodgy diet when they start to have problems, so you are going to have to think about altering your ways- that’s if you want to avoid the horror of gum disease and keep your teeth in your mouth for the rest of your life.

How to keep your Gums Healthy in the City of London

One of the many essential areas of the mouth that should be looked after in your mouth is your gums; if they are okay, then so will be the rest of your body and vice-versa, because if the gums become diseased, the heart and other organs can also become diseased and again, vice-versa: as it is with diabetes. If you have a well balanced body though, a good diet and a good immune system, it can help keep your gums healthy. Your lifestyle is also an important factor: gums hate smoking and other excesses so you should be careful with what you put into your mouth. Oral hygiene though is vitally important and a necessary part of cleaning is flossing; this can get up, in and around the gums to ensure that they are free from foodstuffs and bacteria. Gums also respond to being massaged, as this gets the blood flowing around them and the use of herbal products are excellent for this and can also help to diffuse any inflammation. Of course, don’t forget to visit a hygienist in the city of London from time to time, because your gums can get an MOT and be cleaned deep below for anything that you might have missed at home, plus advise you how to clean them and what to do if they show signs of problems flaring up.


Get the best advice about oral hygiene from London dentists

Having a set of healthy teeth and gums is something that one can easily take for granted and many people don’t consider how much such a situation helps with being able to eat, drink and even talk in comfort. What can threaten the health of your mouth is bad oral hygiene and it is to be avoided at all cost. Thankfully, it is not a particularly complicated matter and you can guarantee good oral hygiene by taking a few simple steps.

The most important thing to remember is to brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss too. This is done to remove plaque from your teeth. Plaque is a substance which is formed every time you eat and drink but there will be more of it after you have consumed food or drink which contains a lot of sugar and or starch. If plaque builds up then it can attack the protective enamel surface of your teeth and lead to tooth decay.

Plaque can be a problem for your gums too and lead to gingivitis. This evidences itself with reddening of gums which ought to be a healthy pink and feelings of sensitivity. Gum disease is actually a greater cause of tooth loss than tooth decay itself, especially if it progresses into periodontitis, an inflammation of the bones which hold teeth in place.

Your London dentist can help with your oral hygiene by offering you advice and guidance on these matters. You should get into the habit of having a check up every six months with your dentist so that your mouth can be examined by a trained expert and your oral hygiene monitored. Book an appointment today and reap the benefits of good oral hygiene.

London Dentist Gives Advice about Flossing

Numerous individuals were never shown how to floss their teeth during childhood. Flossing is crucial for the maintenance of healthy gums; it’s not too late to begin flossing. Any newly formed habit will become easy after a few weeks. While at your London dentist or dental hygienist have them give you a personal lesson. However take these suggestions. Floss daily, your London dentist and dental hygienist suggest flossing once daily, however the jury is still out as to how many times a day is best. Also, floss after meals if you have a tendency to collect food between your teeth. Don’t rush when flossing, good flossing practices take time and coordination. Select a regular time to floss, select the best time for you to floss and try to set up a routine so that you do not forget to floss, and have floss with you. Dentists and dental hygienists feel that one of the better times to floss during the day is prior to bedtime. Don’t be cheap with the floss, pull off about 18 inches of floss, and move along the length of the floss while cleaning each side of all of your teeth, even the back side of the last teeth. Try not to reuse sections of floss, as it is believed that you may redistribute the bacteria to other areas of your mouth; though no research exists that demonstrates this belief. Select floss that performs what you want it to do, numerous flosses exists. Find the floss that best suits you and your oral hygiene needs. The type of floss that you like and how you hold the floss is a matter of personal preference.

Teeth straightening in London with Invisalign

Invisalign is the undetectable way to set straight your teeth without putting on formal metal braces.

Invisalign makes use of a sequence of clear, detachable specially made plastic aligners to budge your teeth. This engineering is also easy, annulling the mouth scratches that can be induced by the metal and wires of conservative braces. This method is more convenient because the person undertaking invisalign treatment need not spend too much of time in a London dental clinic.

Why People Prefer Invisalign Over Metal Braces?

• People prefer invisalign to metal braces because they are hygienic.
• No metal bands or wires which can trap food or plaque in your teeth.
Oral hygiene can be easily maintained.

Pros and cons of invisalign:
 When compared to the conventional metal and rubber band braces the invisalign aligners are removable. This helps you to remove them when you eat or brush your teeth

 You need not worry about the breakage of rubber bands because invisalign aligners are convenient. You need not visit your dentist often.

 The transparent colour of the invisalign aligners does not make it noticeable. Your teeth are perfectly aligned without feeling self conscious.

 People with sensitive gums or teeth will feel some discomfort when they wear invisalign aligners. But this discomfort will be only temporary. Once you get used to invisalign aligner you will not feel it.
 In rare cases some people break aligners due to teeth grinding habit. And the constant removal of the aligners is a bit risky.
Invisalign aligners are a bit more expensive than the regular metal braces.
 Consider the following before going in for invisalign:

Before Choosing Invisalign seek the advice of your dentist:
Your oral health is of course vital and your decision to straighten it is a great idea. But it is always better if you get your dentist check the complete condition of your mouth and find out if you are fit for this treatment. Some people may have to undergo gum treatment before invisalign.

Rising Awareness about Gum Care in London

Although the dental cosmetic industry has gained much momentum in the last few decades in grooming one’s overall personality, awareness regarding overall oral care and hygiene still occupies a backseat among many people. While at one hand, people are concentrating their efforts on building a spectacular set of teeth with dental procedures like teeth whitening and others, on the other hand their gums are being the subject of much neglect. However, the point is to concentrate on the general oral health and thereby ensure a healthy set of teeth and gums, as opposed to just beautiful teeth.The cause has received support from several dental practitioners from London, with the Gum Disease Awareness Week to draw some serious attention of people towards the otherwise neglected gum conditions. The role of healthy gums is undeniable when it comes to a beautiful and healthy set of teeth. Moreover, it is to this end that practitioners from almost everywhere in the planet have joined hands in furthering the consciousness among people affected by gum problems whatsoever.

Latest researches conducted in the field have proved that more than 75% of the world populations above 35 years of age are affected by gum diseases, the symptoms of which have been prevalent among 50% of them since their teenage – if only they were aware! To make things even worse, gum diseases do not always manifest themselves in symptoms and as per reports, more than 90% of the entire world’s adult population suffer from some sort of gum disease. In fact, bad breath is also a condition commonly related to bad gum conditions and improper oral hygiene. The requirements here are regular dental checkups and early diagnosis so that gum diseases and other related problems are a less pestering problem among people!

Don’t compromise the health of your gums, say Central London dentists

As all of the different parts of your mouth work together to stay healthy and retain high levels of functionality, it is not a good idea to neglect one part of the mouth. Doing so will have repercussions for the general health of the mouth. This is the case with your gums because failing to keep them healthy can actually negatively affect the health of your whole mouth.

Gums are sensitive to the acidic plaque which is formed after you eat and drink. Plaque causes them to inflame and eventually they can recede and some of your teeth themselves might fall out. So keeping your teeth clean is actually about the health of your gums as well the actual teeth. Plaque on the gum line of teeth has to be removed.

One of the places where plaque often escapes without being removed is in between teeth. This is why it is vital to floss. Gum disease might start off as a fairly benign set of symptoms including reddening of the gums and greater sensitivity to different temperatures in food and drink, but the inflammation can spread to the bones which hold teeth in place. At this point, tooth loss becomes a palpable risk.

Visiting your Central London dentist every six months is a central part of the fight against plaque and keeping gums healthy. Dentists are trained not just to look out for your teeth, they are also experts in the wellbeing of your gums. As such they can spot the early signs of gum disease and offer you the appropriate advice that will restore your gums to health. The good news is that the basic form of gum disease – gingivitis – can usually be reversed by following some simple advice.

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