20 Mar
Foods to Avoid in London to prevent Discoloured Teeth

Most of us agree that a bright, white smile looks much more attractive than yellowy discoloured teeth, but are you aware that your diet could be influencing the aesthetic of your smile? Certain foods have been proven to increase staining and these include: tea coffee blueberries soy sauce fruit juice…

23 Jan
Victorious Teeth Cleaning In The City Of London

If you are going have good oral health throughout your life in the city of London, it is important that you get the basics of your oral hygiene right and this comes down to the way you brush your teeth on a daily basis, and even when you have done…

24 Nov
The ways of a Hygienist in London

There are some people that you may not know about in life that are ready to fight your cause in order that you live a perfectly healthy lifestyle at a moments notice in London. Dentists are fabulous people and are always there for you when things go astray, but the…

28 Jun
Are London dental hygienists going to take care of you?

It’s not legal for dental hygienist to do the complete job of a dentist. The scope of job they are entitled to do is limited to a small percent of dental tasks decided by a set curriculum and under the supervision of a dentist. But London is facing a sharp…