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Foods to Avoid in London to prevent Discoloured Teeth

Most of us agree that a bright, white smile looks much more attractive than yellowy discoloured teeth, but are you aware that your diet could be influencing the aesthetic of your smile?

Certain foods have been proven to increase staining and these include:

  • tea
  • coffee
  • blueberries
  • soy sauce
  • fruit juice
  • curry and spicy foods
  • red wine
  • white wine
  • cola and other dark fizzy drinks

Smoking is also a major cause of tooth discolouration and poor oral hygiene is almost certain to result in the natural whiteness of the teeth fading.

What can be done to brighten the smile?

In addition to cutting down on the foods and drinks listed above, good oral hygiene also makes a massive difference to the appearance of the teeth. Brushing your teeth helps to polish the surface of the teeth, as well as removing plaque and bacteria, giving your teeth a healthy glow. Regular dental hygiene sessions are also really beneficial; your hygienist is able to use powerful cleaning instruments to banish plaque and remove surface stains from your teeth, making them look much whiter and brighter.

Tooth whitening treatment is really popular and it has instant impact. Whether you choose home whitening treatment or a professional in-chair treatment, your smile will look whiter and more radiant. Whitening treatment is very quick, simple and safe when offered by trained dentists and it makes your smile look lovely and healthy.

Victorious Teeth Cleaning In The City Of London

If you are going have good oral health throughout your life in the city of London, it is important that you get the basics of your oral hygiene right and this comes down to the way you brush your teeth on a daily basis, and even when you have done this, it is never safe to get complacent and always important to keep updating your techniques and the equipment you use. Tooth decay and gum disease will not allow you any slip-ups so you need to be on the ball at all times. You brush your teeth in order to remove the bacteria from the surfaces and once you have got your techniques right, with the right brush and the right toothpaste, it should become second nature to you. There are also other techniques you can employ as well: it’s possible to buy dyes that will highlight any signs of plaque building up and also mouthwashes to take away a lot of the work for you and help take the fight to plaque and other problems head on. It is also good advice to keep monitoring and updating ideas with your dentist about the way you are doing things, and also, don’t forget, your dentist is the perfect back up plan as well to brush away your blues. 

The ways of a Hygienist in London

There are some people that you may not know about in life that are ready to fight your cause in order that you live a perfectly healthy lifestyle at a moments notice in London. Dentists are fabulous people and are always there for you when things go astray, but the role of the dentist has changed dramatically over the years and as technology and a better understanding of teeth and gums has got better, so the dentist only has to do the basics; this is because there has been a huge development in specialised fields of everything oral. And, behind every great dentist, you’ll find a beautiful hygienist. These people not only specify in cleaning your teeth deep down and personal below the gums, they also are there in a bit of a psychiatrist’s role as well. When they have done a job on your teeth, they can also see exactly why they have to patch you up and then pinpoint where you are going wrong. A hygienist is there to talk about your lifestyle and how you can possibly avoid making the same mistakes again from the way you eat, what you do on a daily basis and how you look after your teeth every day. Hygienists are magical people and can be the difference between you getting things dramatically wrong or getting things fantastically right, so go and talk to them.

Are London dental hygienists going to take care of you?

It’s not legal for dental hygienist to do the complete job of a dentist. The scope of job they are entitled to do is limited to a small percent of dental tasks decided by a set curriculum and under the supervision of a dentist. But London is facing a sharp scarcity of dentists! It’s really difficult for patients to find a good dentist who has the time and inclination to take up new NHS patients. But what if you could get the same care for a fraction of the price without a wait for several days? Sounds attractive, right! If you don’t mind being treated by dental hygienists then you can have all the benefits I’ve just mentioned! So what are the benefits of having a dental hygienist treat you and what can go wrong?
With health costs rising and, 40 to 50 per cent of people can’t afford dental care. Out of the population of the elderly, only about 1% has dental insurance and even a simple dental screening can cost about £60 which is just not affordable for the elderly as well patients who are on a fixed budget. For such patients, a dental hygienist who offers home dental care for a fraction of the cost is really a dream come true. In America, a bill has already been passed in Maryland, which will allow dental hygienists to do dental cleanings, use sealants as well as apply fluoride treatments without being supervised by a dentist. And London is not far behind! The degree course has been set up in UK at the University of Kent’s Medway called as the BSc in Primary Dental to provide new skills to dental hygienists to work on their own.

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