17 Apr
The Head and Neck Cancer Foundation urges patients to ask dentists to provide oral cancer checks

The Head and Neck Cancer Foundation is encouraging patients to ask their dentist to include oral cancer checks in routine appointments. Oral cancer checks should be provided as part of a routine dental check-up, but the HNCF is urging patients to make sure that their dentists are carrying out the…

05 Dec
Beat Oral Cancer in London this Winter

This winter, we’re determined to fight oral cancer and we are doing everything we can to raise awareness and encourage patients to pop in and see for a quick and painless screening check. About oral cancer A recent survey carried out by the British Dental Health Foundation revealed that 10…

14 Oct
The trials and tribulations of Oral Cancer in Central London

Diagnosis oral Cancer: this isn’t the best scenario that you can have laid at your feet in Central London, but if you have been hit with this news, you are going to dust yourself down and get ready for the fight ahead. The causes- who knows? It’s still a bit…

15 Aug
Battling Oral Cancer in London

Getting the news that you have got oral cancer isn’t going to be a good day in London; it may be like taking a punch from a boxer and being floored. However, like a good fighter, you have to pick yourself up because you are going to have to fight…

21 Apr
Mouth Cancer can be Identified During Routine Visits to London Dentists

Mouth cancer, also referred to as oral or oropharyngeal cancer, may be caused by smoking, tobacco chewing, prolonged excessive alcohol intake, oral infection and associated health conditions. Screening and treatment for mouth cancer is available in London for individuals experiencing symptoms of mouth cancer, such as: non-healing oral ulceration; mouth…

09 Feb
London Dentist Talks about Oral Cancer

Oral cancer refers to any kind of cancer that develops in the mouth, including the lips, the gums and the tongue. Most oral cancers begin either in the tongue or the floor of the mouth, but they can spread further into the mouth and to other parts of the body,…