20 May
New survey suggests Brits are snacking more in lockdown

A new survey suggests that British people are snacking more during lockdown.  Research conducted by the Oral Health Foundation revealed that 38% of adults are snacking more frequently than normal. The statistics for young adults are particularly concerning, with 61% of under-31s admitting to grazing between meals. Over 70% of…

28 Aug
Study shows athletes have poor dental health, despite good oral hygiene habits

New research has shown that athletes have poor dental health, despite the fact that many have good oral hygiene habits. A study conducted by scientists at UCL revealed that elite sportspeople tend to have poor dental health, even though they devote more time to looking after their teeth. Research teams…

10 Jan
New Dentaid study suggests children in Malawi have better standard of dental health than UK kids

A new study conducted by the UK-based charity, Dentaid, suggests that children in Malawi have better standards of oral health than kids in the UK. According to researchers at Dentaid, the number of cases of children suffering from serious dental problems is higher in the UK than Malawi. Chief executive…