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Keeping An Eye Out For Dental Cavities In The City Of London

If there were ever a serial offender in the dental world, in the city of London, then its plaque, for it’s the catalyst for every other evil that occurs in the mouth. Once it is allowed to get at the surfaces of your teeth, acids will start to eat away at the enamel and then you are into a mild form of tooth decay known as cavities. Once these are on the surfaces of your teeth, they can pierce tiny holes into the enamel, and they won’t go away unless treated. At first you won’t know a thing about it but as long as you maintain regular visits to your dentist, cavities can be spotted by a trained eye, or picked up on an x-ray. However, miss an appointment when cavities are about and you will find out the hard way; they are visible, just, in the beginning and you may be able to spot tiny pits or holes in the enamel, but honestly, how many of you look that closely at your teeth? But you will find out soon enough: cavities will cause shooting pains when you bite down, the teeth will become sensitive to extreme temperatures and you may suffer from a mild toothache. If you get to this stage, you need to get to the dentist quickly for treatment- normally a filling. A word of caution though: if you leave a cavity be, the pain may subside and lull you into a false sensitivity but what comes next is thoroughly nasty and, well….let’s not let it get to that stage eh?

Filling your Teeth ‘naturally’ in the City of London

If you live in a demanding and fashionable place like the city of London, then good luck, because the place demands the best out of you at all times, and cobbled into this equation is the fact that you have to project your best side at every given moment in order to get on. Somewhere in all of this is how you smile and talk to people, and if your teeth aren’t as priceless as the outfit you are wearing, then you may be wasting your time trying. One of the more modern elements in this look of yours may be down to the type of fillings that you have: grey amalgam fillings are strong but they don’t cut the mustard in today’s fashion stakes because people are now opting for white resin/ceramic based fillings. White fillings are still finding their feet because as good as they look, they tend to be weak, fragile and their longevity is nothing like amalgam. However, they complete the mouth naturally and as the years pass, they are getting better and stronger as technology catches up with the demands of what people want. A pure white smile can be the difference between getting the job you want, the partner you want and giving the best possible projection throughout your life. If you have any questions on this subject, you should link up with your dentist and ask about the choices you have with your fillings.

Opting for an Amalgam Filling in Central London

If you have been affected by any form of tooth decay in the city of London, then you would have had a filling at some point in your life. A filling will be a way of replacing any damage done to your teeth from this decay. The basic filling that you get is an amalgam one- you know, the grey looking things. Now, though this doesn’t cut it with the latest fashion of getting things that look natural, like white fillings, amalgam is very durable and strong and unlike their white counterparts, they will last you for life. However, amalgam has come in for some raw treatment of late as the main constituent of an amalgam filling is mercury, a very poisonous metal. In some countries, it has even been banned. Yet you have to wonder whether or not this is a little alarmist. There is no credible evidence to support that people die early from having amalgam fillings and if in doubt, just ask your grandparents. Yes, they do look a tad ugly by modern standards, but then that’s not their role; they are there to do a job- to ensure that your tooth decay doesn’t get out of hand, and they do the job perfectly. If you want to know more about amalgam fillings and the ‘possible’ problems they ‘may’ cause, then you should sit down with your dentist and talk it through before you make your mind up.

Getting a filling in London

If you didn’t already have one, you’d know what an amalgam filling is in London. It’s those grey fillings made from a mixture of metals, used in the on-going fight against tooth decay and has been doing so for a good 150 years or so. Yet, there is a good chance that this type of filling will start to become phased out and the reasons are many fold.

Part of the amalgam filling is made up from mercury, an element that leaves a bad carbon footprint wherever it treads, but also it can become strangely unstable as it ages, as well as being very toxic. As well as this, amalgam fillings can look quite ungainly in the mouth and what with dentistry becoming very fashion conscious, they are starting to give way white, resin and composite based fillings or trendy gold ones (that are non-poisonous too). So why are they still being used, especially since some countries have banned it use altogether?

Well, when amalgam was first used in the 1800’s, little was known about the toxicity of mercury, but the filling was cheap to make and once in is extremely durable and this still applies today. They last so much longer that the more trendy types of fillings around and with all of its foibles and the amount of bad press being thrown at it, the dangers are very minimal, it can withstand grinding and chewing forces placed upon it a lot better and this type of filling is cheap. If you still have any doubts, you should consult your dentist before opting for this treatment.

London Dentist Explains Dental Caries

One of the most common disorders in the world, dental caries is just another term for what you might call tooth decay or a cavity. It’s actually a bacterial infection caused by food debris left on the tooth’s surface. This food debris produces acid, which destructs the organic matter of the tooth and demineralises the tooth’s enamel.

Dental caries can be both extremely visible and extremely well-hidden. On the outside of a tooth, they usually begin as a chalky area and develop into a dark cavitation. However, when dental caries develop in less visible areas of the teeth, your dentist may need to use a radiograph or laser to judge how much damage they’re causing.

Other than the visible symptoms, if any of your teeth start to ache, this might be a sign of dental caries, and you should see your dentist immediately. When left untreated, dental caries can have some unpleasant side effects. Not only will your tooth hurt, but you might lose it, and it could get infected.

Your dentist will either prescribe you with a filling, a crown, or a root canal. Fillings involve blocking the cavity in your tooth with an alloy or resin, whereas crowns are used when damage is more extensive and a tooth needs extra support. A root canal is prescribed when the tooth’s nerve has died, and involves removing the dead material and filling the tooth’s roots with sealing material.

Dental caries, despite being common, are a serious problem for many people. It’s advisable to have them seen to straight away – catching them early can reduce the cost and length of the treatment you’ll need, as well as saving you a lot of pain and stress.

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