20 Nov
Addressing Dental Health Problems in London

We use our mouths for many necessary things such as eating, drinking and talking. We also use our mouths for many unnecessary things like opening sachets of food, biting pens and chewing our fingernails. In a day, our mouths get a workout and are subject to dozens of objects and millions…

04 Oct
How fighting Bad Breath can give you a better life in London

London- what a superb city, but if you want to get on board with what it demands of you and keep in the game socially with your friends and at work, you will need to look after yourself as best you can. Clothes, hairstyle, make-up- all play a part in…

05 Jul
Getting Around Bad Breath: Remedies In Central London

So you have bad breath in central London, which for a start is quite embarrassing because your friends will start to pull back from you, but seeing as anything that smells rank indicates something going wrong, you really need to get to the bottom of it before things get worse…

05 Sep
Coming to terms with Bad Breath in Central London

If you are in the public eye every day, dealing with customers or just being flamboyant with your adoring public, you have to maintain a certain persona in order to keep yourself on the ball in central London- the way you dress, the way you smile and the way you…

18 Jan
Busting Bad Breath in Central London

Breaking the back of Bad Breath in Central London Having bad breath at the worst of times is terrible, but in the affluent ‘must get ahead’ world of central London, it is definitely a no-no, as it not only sets your working life back but it can affect your social…