28 Jan
London digs out the rot with Root Canal Treatment

Unless you have the extremely resilient teeth and are the best at keeping them clean, you may well suffer from some form of tooth decay at some point in your life in London and depending on how bad it is decides what sort of treatment you will have. Decay is…

02 Dec
Why you should Stop Grinding your Teeth whilst Sleeping in London

London is a demanding place: it expects a lot of you and you need to be on top of your game to get by. However, with such requirements comes stress and at first, you may not even notice the pressures put upon you, but one tell-tale sign is teeth grinding….

18 Nov
Getting quick repairs in the City of London with CEREC

The City of London demands many things of you and if you want to maintain your status, you have to keep ahead of the game, especially in the way you look; your teeth play a large part of this equation and should anything go wrong, it is comforting to know…

25 Oct
Dealing with Tooth decay quickly in London

It should be quite obvious to you as you get older and experienced in London, that if anything goes wrong within your body, then the quicker you get sorted out, the better chance you have of recovery; this too goes for anything that goes awry in the mouth. Take tooth…

23 Oct
Getting a Toothbrush in the City of London

Keeping your teeth clean in the city of London should start with the basics, and this involves getting a toothbrush that suits you. The strength of the bristles depends on how delicate your mouth is, so you should work this out with your dentist before you go splashing your cash….

21 Oct
Great Dental Veneers in Central London

Getting your teeth back in shape in central London after years of wear and tear may require a bit of cosmetic work in order to get you back on track and if you are suffering from worn down teeth and have gaps starting to appear, you may like to consider…