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Dazzling Dentures in the Heart of London

If you’ve got missing teeth, we can provide many innovative and effective solutions, including amazing modern dentures. Our dazzling dentures will restore your ability to eat and enjoy food and enable you to feel more confident when you smile.

About dentures

Dentures are sets of false teeth that have been used to replace lost natural teeth for many decades. Over the years, dentures have become lighter, more functional and more aesthetically pleasing and modern dentures look exactly like healthy natural teeth. Dentures are most commonly made from acrylic and metal and they are designed to take on the functions of the teeth when the natural teeth are missing. We are able to provide partial and complete dentures. Partial dentures are a solution for patients with a small number of missing teeth, while complete dentures replace full arches of lost teeth.

The benefits of dentures

Dentures can make the world of difference to your quality of life, especially if you’ve been struggling without a considerable number of teeth for a while. With dentures, you can do everything you can do with a healthy set of natural teeth, so you don’t need to worry about restricting the foods you eat, eating in public or speaking. Dentures enable you to chew food properly and improve your clarity of speech, as well as giving you a beautiful smile and enhanced facial aesthetics, which result from increased support for your cheeks and lips.

Dentures can take a little getting used to, but they are custom-made and modern dentures are made from light materials designed for maximum comfort. It is necessary to take good care of dentures, but cleaning is a very simple and quick process.

5 Facts About Acrylic Dentures

Dentures have been used to replace lost natural teeth for several decades, but they have changed dramatically since the days of old. Today’s dentures look, work and feel like natural teeth, so you can enjoy a beautiful smile and increased confidence when your smile is on show. Here are five facts about acrylic dentures:

  1. Acrylic dentures are designed to mimic natural smiles: our modern acrylic dentures are specially designed to create natural looking, beautiful smiles. They consist of pink-coloured material that blends seamlessly with your gums and natural looking prosthetic teeth.
  2. Acrylic dentures are cost-effective: dentures are a tried and tested method and offer a more affordable alternative to dental implants. The treatment process is simple, dentures are easy to look after and you can enjoy all the same benefits as you would with a healthy set of natural teeth.
  3. Eating is easy with acrylic dentures: it’s true that eating with dentures can take a little getting used to, but it will soon become second nature and you’ll probably find you can enjoy a much wider range of foods than you did when you had missing teeth. For the first few days, we recommend sticking to a soft diet and gradually introducing a broader spectrum of foods.
  4. Dentures can boost your confidence: your smile is one of your most noticeable features, so it’s not surprising that many people who dislike the look of their teeth. With dentures, you can look forward to smiling again, safe in the knowledge that your new teeth look great.
  5. We provide partial and complete dentures: we offer dentures for patients with multiple missing teeth as well as those who have lost full arches. Partial dentures can be held in place by discreet clasps and the prosthetic teeth are designed to match the natural teeth, while complete dentures are held in place by the natural suction force exerted by the gums.

To find out more about dentures, call us today!

Don’t be shy! Opt for Dentures in London

It’s funny, but dentures still have a bad status whenever you think about them in London, but then they always gave of bad press in the past and sometimes, this was justified:- dentures have always been notoriously hard to keep in the mouth. Thank the heavens then that a lot of research has been ploughed into dentures and now, they are starting to make a fashionable comeback. For a start, better treatment of gum disease has led to less teeth being pulled these days, so this has seen a huge rise in partial dentures being worn by people; they are cheap and easy to manage each day, aside from looking natural. There has also been a large development in full dentures too: More comfortable and natural looking materials, better cements/adhesives and the use of the mini-dental implant has made dentures more comfortable than ever to wear, as well as them being anchored in the mouth firmer than they ever were in the past. Yes dentures come with years of bad press, but don’t dismiss them out of hand; they are a good alternative to tooth-loss and have become very user friendly over the years of development that has been plied into them.

Delving into Dentures in the City of London

A lot of people get scared off by the idea of dentures in the city of London and that is pretty much down to how they have served older generations in the past, but the simple fact is that you may have to bite the bullet and go for this option if you have suffered some form of tooth loss. However, it isn’t all that bad and if you take a look around, dentures are coming back into fashion in a big way, especially partial ones; as modern dental treatments of gum disease have got better- so people are losing fewer teeth. Partials are so easy to wear and even easier to maintain; they are cheap and thanks to a revolution in what they are being made from, they look more natural than ever they did. This also goes for full dentures and combined with improvements in materials used to construct them, cements and the use of implants, this combination has made them incredibly stable when they are being worn. You should never look back in anger at dentures; just embrace them as always being a part of the future and a way of promoting your oral health.

Delighting in Dentures in London

It is probably the last thing you would have thought about dentures, but wearing them doesn’t have the same sort of horrible stigma that was once attached to them in London. Everything has changed in the field of denture technology and they have become easier and more natural to wear than ever before. This can be put down to three major developments in dentures. When it comes to wearing full dentures, they have been made to adhere very strongly to the mouth when used with mini-implants: five or six of these located into your jawbone will lock them firmly into the mouth, without you having to fear about them falling out at an inappropriate time. The cements used have also improved amazingly to help self them seal onto the gums a lot more securely. But the real development has come in the materials both full and partial dentures are made from: they are softer, which sticks them to your flesh better; plus, they look so much more natural than the comedy ones your forefathers used to wear. Employ all three of these things together and you are going to have an incredible freedom when wearing your dentures and live your life without worry.



Are You Looking for Denture Adhesives in London?

Many people who wear dentures are unsure as to whether denture adhesives are necessary. The truth is they’re not – but they can make wearing dentures feel more comfortable, and alleviate worries. If your dentures slip regularly, see your dentist – it may be that you simply need a denture adjustment.

However, if you feel more comfortable using denture adhesive, there is no reason not to. There are two kinds of denture adhesives currently available.

The first type is the powdered adhesives, which you apply simply by applying a thin layer of powder onto the inside of your denture before you put the denture in place. These are easier to clean off than other types of adhesives, and they don’t affect your bite. If you opt for a powdered adhesive, you’ll have to remember to clean your denture rather than simply rinse it with water.

The second kind of denture adhesive is paste adhesives. You apply these moderately onto the tissue surface of a clean, dry denture, before placing it in position. This is less convenient than the powdered denture for a couple of reasons: if you apply too much, it might ooze out and alter the structure of your bite. It’s also much harder to clean off thoroughly.

Your denture adhesive should keep your dentures in place for a good amount of time, though it’s dependent upon a variety of factors. Upper dentures tend to stay in for longer, because they do not have to deal with the movements and friction that lower dentures get from your tongue, cheeks and mouth.

People with dentures should still see their dentists for check-ups twice annually. If you think you might need a denture adhesive, ask your London dentist for advice and information on what kind will suit you best.

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