06 Nov
British Dental Association busts common dental myths to promote good oral hygiene

Many of us have grown up following a dental routine or employing certain habits to protect our smiles. While being aware of the importance of looking after your mouth is undoubtedly positive, dentists are concerned that some people have been misled by popular dental myths. In a bid to encourage…

05 Oct
Getting the hang of Oral Hygiene in Central London

It seems really silly that in a modern central London, that we have to be reminded how to look after our teeth. But sadly, people get complacent and think that just because they are buying the best products on the market, this will diminish the amount of work that they…

07 Nov
Go on- Floss and keep healthy in Central London

Flossing is quite a new way of looking after your teeth in central London if you look at it in the overall scheme of dentistry things, but it has its place and you should ensure that you should incorporate it into all your oral hygiene routines. Flossing can get into…

15 Sep
Central London dentists tell patients how to floss their teeth and stop gum disease and cavities

Many people are aware of flossing but either don’t get around to it or think it is unnecessary to carry it out. In fact flossing is a vital weapon in the fight against plaque in the mouth and the failure to floss can have, in the long term, consequences as…

12 Jul
Flossing with dentists in Central London: how it can save you from tooth loss

It probably adds only a minute onto your dental hygiene routine at home yet too many people neglect to floss in between their teeth. The evidence for this widespread omission lies in the high rates of gum disease in adults in the United Kingdom. Nobody wants to have to deal…

13 Jun
Flossing Correctly in Central London

In all honesty, how many of us in central London cases truly say we know how to floss correctly? Flossing has come from nowhere to become one of the most important elements in oral hygiene today. Normal brushing has been around for years, but for all our best efforts to…