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Four Steps to Fresher Breath

Do you suffer from bad breath, or are you on the lookout for ways to improve your oral hygiene regime and keep bad breath firmly at bay? If so, here are 4 steps you can take today:

  1. Brush for 2 minutes twice a day: brushing is essential for preventing bad breath as it removes food debris and bacteria from your mouth. Often, bad breath is caused by a build-up of bacteria, which release odorous gases when they feed. We strongly recommend brushing for two minutes, twice a day, every day. When you brush, cover every tooth, and devote an equal amount of time to each quadrant of the mouth.
  1. Clean your tongue: many cases of bad breath are liked to collections of bacteria that form on the tongue. Most people know to brush their teeth, but they neglect the tongue. After brushing your teeth, use your brush or a tongue scraper to gently clean your tongue. You should find that this has a positive impact.
  1. Chew sugar-free gum: if you find that you’re prone to bad breath after eating, it’s really beneficial to chew sugar-free gum. Gum has a fresh flavour, but the action of chewing also stimulates saliva production, which cleanses the mouth. Always make sure you opt for sugar-free products, and don’t chew for more than two minutes.
  1. See your dental hygienist: if you suffer from bad breath on a regular basis, it’s a good idea to see your dentist or your dental hygienist. Hygienists are experts in oral hygiene, and they can use intensive cleaning methods and provide you with advice to tackle halitosis and increase your confidence.

If you’re worried about bad breath, or you have any dental hygiene questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

How fighting Bad Breath can give you a better life in London

London- what a superb city, but if you want to get on board with what it demands of you and keep in the game socially with your friends and at work, you will need to look after yourself as best you can. Clothes, hairstyle, make-up- all play a part in this but then also does the state of your mouth; your smile is an important part of this chemistry, and so too is your breath: go out with a pungent smell in your mouth and you will be wasting your time, diminishing your persona and reducing your chances of getting ahead in life. Bad breath can be caused by many things: poor diet, poor oral hygiene and a suspect lifestyle each week will add to the equation and not only will you start to repel people around you, you could be heading for a fall health-wise as well. Get your dentist and hygienist on board and go through the list of things that could be causing this condition; one by one, eliminate everything and then change your life about so that you fight this condition on all fronts. It will not only be good for you in the outside world, but you will also be looking after your health as well.


How the City of London deals with Gum Disease and Halitosis

If there is a condition you need to tackle when it breaks out in your mouth with everything you have at your disposal in the city of London, its gum disease. This will not only violate all areas of your mouth, destroying your gums and teeth in the long run, it delivers more sinister blows throughout your body as well. Over a sustained period of time, the toxins from this disease will find their way into your heart and other vital organs and cause them to fail in the future. In the meantime, it can lead to halitosis and this is a condition that will seriously impair you both socially, and at work. Blood on the toothbrush after you have cleaned your teeth is the first sign that this disease is about and you may suffer from weeping gums as well which will not only taste bad, but will also smell bad; act now and you have a chance to beat it. Throw everything you can at this problem: your dentist will help fix the more obvious problems, but you also need to take a look at your lifestyle and personal oral hygiene in order to thwart the issue. You must turn things around quickly, so do your best if you want to remain healthy and have fresh breath; seek immediate advice and help.

Horrible Halitosis in London

In a busy demanding place like London, you would rather like to avoid placing further problems upon yourself, but it is easy to take your eye of your oral health and this could lead to halitosis, a condition that could jeopardise you both socially and at work. Ridding yourself of it isn’t that easy though and you are going to have to work hard to get rid of it. You might be wise to see a dentist before you start doing anything. This will help to eliminate plaque and tartar, tooth decay and work on signs of gum disease, as these contribute quite heavily to halitosis. Then you must sit down with a hygienist; this person can clean your teeth deeply, administer fluoride and if need be, apply dental sealants onto your teeth to minimise decay. This would also be the time to discuss your lifestyle. All of these issues arise from poor oral hygiene so this must change and you should also learn about the benefits of herbal treatments as they can help to promote fresher breath. If you smoke and drink heavily, this must change to give your mouth a fighting chance. Most of all, you need to look at your diet and then improve it so that your immune system remains strong and healthy too. Keeping your mouth hydrated is vital to maintaining saliva levels; cut down on caffeine and sugar based products, drink lots of water and use a lot of sugar-free gum, as chewing promotes saliva. If this doesn’t work, the problem is even more serious than was first suspected and you will need to see a doctor.


The Bad Boys behind Bad Breath in London

If there is anything that will make you unpopular at work, and socially, it is bad breath and getting to the root of what causes it can be very difficult, but you can follow a set of rules about how to tackle it. First stop is your dentist to check for gum disease and tooth decay and then go about tackling it. Now, look at your lifestyle; are you a heavy drinker do you smoke and how good is your oral hygiene? These are some of the protagonists that cause bad breath and need to be addressed. Your diet is also important in order to keep your immune systems strong and the saliva levels in your mouth high. Once you have addressed all of these, you should add little touches to the way you clean your teeth at night: herbal medicines can help to restore balance to the mouth and leave your breath re-vitalised. Drinking lots of water and using sugar free gum can also help to build up the saliva levels in your mouth- the mouths natural defence to bacteria. The thing about bad breath is that it is an indicator that something is wrong somewhere. If you have thrown the kitchen sink at the problem and yet it still persists, it could be a lot more serious than was first expected and you should seek out a doctor for a complete check-up and analysis, for the causes could be gastric an emanating from inside your stomach and that is not good at all.

Hateful Halitosis in London

You can buy the finest outfits, get your hair right and throw money in every direction in London, but if you have halitosis, your money and style counts for nothing. So if you suffer from this condition, this is surely one of the things you should be trying to eradicate from your life before you even begin to start showing off: it can also suggest that you are very unwell within. Bad breath can be sorted out quickly if you are prepared to put in the legwork and fight it, but it does mean that you have got things wrong on all levels. Smoking and exuberant drinking will promote the issue, as will an awful diet and poor oral hygiene but, if you are willing to change your ways and have a chat with your dentist, then there is hope for you. However, if you try to change things around and it still doesn’t work, then you are descending into the world of the seriously unwell. Halitosis reflects sinister issues such as cancer or gastric problems coming out of your stomach and if it isn’t addressed, then you are going to be in trouble. Doctors and dentist should be called in immediately to ascertain just why you have this problem: hopefully, it can be sorted out with a complete change of lifestyle and a few tweaks to what you do on a daily basis. But this condition is a serious shot across your bows so you shouldn’t ignore it.

Identifying Bad Teeth in Central London

You would think that in a modern world and a modern place like central London, it would almost be impossible to suffer from ‘bad’ teeth: there are fabulous dentists around and fabulous products to back them up with. However, the term ‘bad’ can be loosely used some times when it comes to teeth. The more obvious use of the word, when relating to teeth, is for teeth that are rotting, badly  discoloured and look frankly hideous when a person smiles, but ‘bad’ can be used in many other contexts as well: teeth that stick out, are crooked, discoloured, gummy or aged- people can inherit ‘bad’ teeth as well- there are many factors involved. Of course though, there is nothing the modern dentist can’t do to get you smiling again, so from that point of view, there is no excuse for having unsightly teeth and by getting some work done comes incentives and rewards to having your teeth fixed up. Poor teeth can seriously affect the way you try to move up the social and working ladder- remember, the smile is one of the first things another person sees in you so having good teeth is essential if you want to get on and speaking of which, bad teeth can kill your confidence and make you introverted. But the real gain of having healthy teeth is that they will promote a healthy body, and vice-versa. Rotting teeth, apart from looking ghastly and giving you bad breath, can promote gum disease, which over time and left unchecked can cause some of the body’s most vital organs, the heart being the main one, to fail.

Coming to terms with Bad Breath in Central London

If you are in the public eye every day, dealing with customers or just being flamboyant with your adoring public, you have to maintain a certain persona in order to keep yourself on the ball in central London- the way you dress, the way you smile and the way you style your hair…these are all the obvious things that are visual, bad breath is not however and no matter how glorious you look, this condition can knock you right off your perch. In some cases, the causes of bad breath can be quite complex so hence, difficult to tackle. The most common cause is poor oral hygiene so this has to be improved if you are going to overcome the problem. It starts by visiting your dentist and getting things mended, and then you have to work hard at caring for your mouth at home. You must brush and floss every-time you eat to stop pungent smells forming from foodstuffs. Herbal remedies can also help to address the balance in your mouth. You must also keep your mouth well hydrated as your saliva helps in breaking down bacteria; drink lots of water and use sugar free sweets and gum. But bad breath can also be more complex than this; diet plays an important role in maintaining the body’s strength and immune system so you have to be aware of what you are putting into your system (this also extends to your lifestyle- drinking and smoking). If you have tried to address all of these issues and the condition persists, it could imply that more sinister forces are at work in your body and you may well require more intense inspection from your doctor.

Bad Breath? You Might Suffer From Halitosis. Speak To Your London Dentist About Treatment

Many people suffer from bad breath, or halitosis, at some point in their lives. Luckily there are several ways to treat the problem; your local London dentist can tell you the best treatment for your specific needs. The most important step is to maintain a good dental hygiene routine, with brushing, flossing and mouthwash. These easy steps will assure that all the bacteria and food particles that build up in your mouth are washed away before they can begin to break down. You must visit your dentist at least once a year to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy and you can even get a scaling and polish while you’re at it.

Brushing your teeth properly at least twice a day is the most effective way to avoid bad breath. Using a soft toothbrush with a small head will allow you to reach all areas of your mouth to thoroughly clean all areas. Brushing your teeth properly will take about two minutes each time. Fluoride based toothpastes are essentially for not only combating bad breath but also for preventing tooth decay and gum disease. If your bad breath is persistent, ask your dentist about speciality toothpastes that are designed to target the causes of bad breath.

A healthy diet with plenty of vegetables and low fats and sugars will also help fight bad breath and maintain strong teeth and gums. Drinking plenty of water will keep you hydrated and help keep your mouth clean throughout the day and should reduce the chances of bad breath. Speak to your London dentist for more information about keep bad breath under control.

Unravelling Bad Breath in the City of London

The little ways to get rid of Bad Breath in the City of London

Bad breath at the worst of times is a no-no, but if you are plying your trade around the more affluent areas of the city of London, it can reduce your chances of getting ahead- so you need to do something about it. Bad breath (halitosis) can be caused by a myriad of problems so you need to take a step back and have a look at the way you live your life. Firstly, you need to check your lifestyle and your diet; do you smoke and drink too much, and eat badly, because these are the major factors behind bad breath, as is a poor regime of oral hygiene. What you need to take on board is all of these factors and then turn them on their head- change! Upping the way you clean your teeth everyday is essential, through the way you brush your teeth to flossing and using mouth-washes at least twice a day. Hydrating your mouth by drinking lots of water and avoiding caffeine based drinks can help to up the saliva levels in your mouth,  as can doing a lot of chewing and sucking on sugar free gum and  sweets. But you can also help your breath by using herbal remedies- these are fantastic for soothing your gums and teeth, leaving your mouth feeling fresh and healthy. If however the problem persists, it could indicate something sinister is going on and therefore you should liaison with your dentist or doctor as soon as you can.

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