14 Aug
Brush Of The Effects Of Bruising Bacteria With Dental Whitening

It’s important to brush regularly and keep bacteria at bay as it’s the bacteria from food debris remaining inside your mouth which causes tooth decay and yellowing of the tooth enamel. Sugar is the number one culprit for causing stains and tooth decay. If you’d like to maintain your smile,…

27 Sep
Improving your Oral Hygiene in the London

Oral hygiene should be as important to you as anything else that you do in London, because by looking after your mouth, you will be looking after your body as well. Sit down and have a think of a way to go about this because it is vitally essential for…

10 Sep
The horror that Oral Cancer brings to the City of London

Things often go wrong in your mouth in the city of London; ulcers, sore throats, tooth decay, blah, blah etc, etc. Normally, you can get a quick fix in order to get over these problems; however, if they continually persist and keep annoying you over a course of weeks, it…

30 Jul
Learn about Dentistry and Sports from Your London Dentist

Everyone should play sports it’s both fun and healthy. But when you want to play a contact sport you should be careful to consider your dental healthy and take preventative measures. Chipping, cracking, and breaking of teeth are the most common dental injuries suffered in sports. These can occur accidentally…

26 Jul
Learn the Signs of Oral Cancer from Your London Dentist.

As with any form of cancer, catching it early can be life saving. When it comes to oral cancer your London dentist will be able to keep a look out for any early signs when you go for your regular visit. It is equally important that you learn some of…

19 Jul
London Dentist Explains Sedation for Patients.

Do you suffer from anxiety and nervousness when visiting the dentist? Or are you undergoing major dental work? If you are experiencing either of these sedation may be able to help you get through the process. There is a great range in the level of sedation that is possible in…