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Brush Of The Effects Of Bruising Bacteria With Dental Whitening

It’s important to brush regularly and keep bacteria at bay as it’s the bacteria from food debris remaining inside your mouth which causes tooth decay and yellowing of the tooth enamel. Sugar is the number one culprit for causing stains and tooth decay. If you’d like to maintain your smile, you may want to cut out those sugary snacks and crisps.

If you find yourself concerned about your discoloured teeth here on the streets of London then you should make your way to a cosmetic dentist. You can match up with the film stars when you opt for our bespoke dental whitening trays. Tooth whitening treatment is convenient as you can do it at home and in practice, whichever suits your lifestyle.

Tooth whitening for all seasons

Summer time can be special time of year, but it can all turn sour when stains begin to appear – do not fear! A London dentist has the skill and expertise to turn your frown around and provide you with a summer smile for all weathers.

Just book a consultation with a London dentist, and they’ll take care of the rest!

Improving your Oral Hygiene in the London

Oral hygiene should be as important to you as anything else that you do in London, because by looking after your mouth, you will be looking after your body as well. Sit down and have a think of a way to go about this because it is vitally essential for your well-being. Talk to your dentist and your hygienist about these issues, and about such subjects as your diet, your naughty habits and about the way you use products each day: be sure to use these people anyway, because they are there to patch you up if things do go wrong. Getting the right products that suit you is important and as you go through life, these will change as your teeth do, but there will always be the basic essentials such as getting a good toothbrush- electric is a good way to go as these brushes can take the sting out of the work you have to do. Getting the right toothpaste, the right floss and a good mouthwash as well can only enhance your overall oral health. Get this spot-on and you should have no trouble at all in the future.

The horror that Oral Cancer brings to the City of London

Things often go wrong in your mouth in the city of London; ulcers, sore throats, tooth decay, blah, blah etc, etc. Normally, you can get a quick fix in order to get over these problems; however, if they continually persist and keep annoying you over a course of weeks, it could indicate something more evil is at hand- oral cancer. If you are a little wild with your exuberances, your fags, drinking and your diet- this will attack your immune system and leave you vulnerable to the disease. If you ever feel that things are going wrong in your mouth, get yourself checked out as soon as you can because if you get in quick with this disease, the better your chances are of beating it: recovery rates are good. But it will be a monumental effort- you will have to get a really good support system in place after your treatment; not only from professionals, but family and friends too. You can get through this but it will be a hard battle to fight psychologically, so you will have to get the best people around you to give you comfort and support during your recovery.

Learn about Dentistry and Sports from Your London Dentist

Everyone should play sports it’s both fun and healthy. But when you want to play a contact sport you should be careful to consider your dental healthy and take preventative measures. Chipping, cracking, and breaking of teeth are the most common dental injuries suffered in sports. These can occur accidentally in any sport but you should particularly be careful when play full contact sports like rugby, boxing, martial arts or American football.

A helmet will offer the best protection against dental injuries, though it is not allows possible to wear a helmet during sports. The next best option is a mouth guard. Made of rubber or plastic these add a barrier to your teeth that can spread and absorb physical blows. A cheap mouth guard offers basic protection and can be fitted by simply dunking it in hot water before biting down hard onto it. For more serious protection ask your London dentist about custom fitted mouth guards that offer much greater protection and comfort.

If any injury happens it is best to visit a dentist as soon as possible. If the injury involves a knocked out tooth it may be possible to reattach the tooth if you receive dental assistance quickly. If the tooth has been knocked out cleanly and remains unbroken you can attempt to reinsert it into its socket. If successfully done the tooth will stay in position but will still require a dental check to make sure it is reconnecting properly. If you have any questions about specific sports and dental care speak to your dentist who will be able to help you safely enjoy your favourite sports.

Learn the Signs of Oral Cancer from Your London Dentist.

As with any form of cancer, catching it early can be life saving. When it comes to oral cancer your London dentist will be able to keep a look out for any early signs when you go for your regular visit. It is equally important that you learn some of the symptoms yourself in order to do self-inspections. Luckily the cancer treatments are improving every day and there are now a range of possible treatments that can help you in the unfortunately event that you develop oral cancer.

Oral cancer is able to develop anywhere in the soft tissue of your mouth: lining, tongue or gums. Warning signs and symptoms of cancer can take a wide variety of forms. White or red patches form inside your mouth could be the beginnings of cancerous cells. Mouth ulcers that do not disappear after many weeks can develop with cancer. Pain in the mouth or any related area (jaw, throat, nose, ears, head) may be linked to cancer. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms it is important not to panic, these symptoms can also easily be the caused by more minor issues. You should visit your dentist for check up if you have any worries and if necessary they are able to refer you to specialists.

No one can completely protect themselves from cancer but there are preventative measures that can be taken, primarily this involves avoiding carcinogenic materials. By a long way smoking is the most major cause of oral cancer. Quitting as soon as possible will have huge benefits to your chances of developing oral cancer and to your general health.

London Dentist Explains Sedation for Patients.

Do you suffer from anxiety and nervousness when visiting the dentist? Or are you undergoing major dental work? If you are experiencing either of these sedation may be able to help you get through the process. There is a great range in the level of sedation that is possible in dentistry and your dentist will recommend certain methods depending on what you are visiting the dentist to have done. It is vitally important that you do not self-sedate without first speaking to your dentist. If the dentist needs to give you any medication it is important that it does not react with any other medication already in your body. If you are using a light sedative you will likely be able to get your dentists consent just by giving them a ring on the phone. For more major sedation you should wait and have proper discussion with your dentist during a consultation.

There are many benefits, for both dentist and patient, to using a sedative. Primarily sedation will relax the patient. Relaxation is very useful if the patient suffers from dental anxiety and is struggling to enter the dentist’s office or chair, or making it difficult for the dentist to inspect their teeth. Even for those that do not suffer seriously from anxiety, relaxation may be helpful for your dentist to allow them to more easily inspect your teeth and gums. While your London dentist will always be as gentle as possible and minimise any pain there is always the possibility of some discomfort, sedation will dull any uncomfortable treatments. Ask your dentist about the possibilities of sedation before your next visit to see if it could be helpful for you.


Get the Best Protection for Your Teeth with Dental Crowns from Local London Dentist

When cavities have damaged your teeth your dentist has several methods of treatment. One of the most frequently used methods is installing a dental crown on the tooth. Crowns have a number of different functions and are also used when a tooth has suffered a physical impact and broken (such as from boxing or playing rugby). A dental crown will give you back for full functionality of your teeth.

Traditionally crowns have been metal, often gold because of its relative softness. While these are still commonly used, and effective at treating a serious cavity or broken tooth, they are very obvious to other people when you talk or laugh. New resin based crowns are being developed that can be made to match the natural colour of your teeth, creating a seamless row of teeth. At this time though these do not have the same durability and strength as gold versions and therefore will likely not last quite as long. It is a personal choice of which ever you prefer, visit your local London dentist to find out which would suit your needs more. Even if you want resin crowns if it is for a high impact tooth, your dentist may recommend a gold crown for the increased life span.

Placing a crown is very easy and can be done at your local dental practice. Having taken an x-ray or digital scan of your teeth your dentist can have a custom crown made, which can easily be fitted when it is available. Temporary crowns are possible for any intermediary time. The crown should last for up to 15 years and will protect your teeth from further degradation and damage.

Achieve that Perfect Smile with London Dentist’s Teeth Contouring.

Small details matter when it comes to teeth. While treatments such as braces can help fix the overall shape of your teeth it may still be necessary to fine tune your smile. Your London dentist offers teeth contouring as a way to change the shape or size of your teeth. While it is primarily a cosmetic procedure there are real dental benefits in reshaping and contouring your teeth. When teeth overlap or become angled it can be very difficult to effectively clean every part of the tooth, making your teeth perfectly straight will allow you to easily and effectively clean every inch of tooth.

If you think that teeth contouring might help you make an appointment for a consultation with your local dentist. They will take through the procedure and decide whether contouring is necessary or insufficient. If the issues are very minor they may simply recommend a professional teeth cleaning, if the issues are quite major they will talk about the options that may be available (such as braces and veneers). If you decide to go ahead with teeth contouring they may take an x-ray to make sure that your teeth are healthy on the inside.

Using a range of instruments your dentist will remove small portions of your teeth enamel to create the perfect shape. Gradually your dentist will reshape the tooth a small piece at a time until they create the perfect shape. They will then polish the whole tooth to create a consistent surface texture. The procedure is straight forward, pain free and generally only takes a single visit to the dentist.

Long Lasting Amalgam Fillings Available from London Dentist.

Even as new types of filling are developed many people still chose to use amalgam fillings. As your London dentist says silver amalgam fillings still generally have the best life expectancy. Amalgam fillings are available when a hole, or cavity, has developed in one of your teeth. Cavities occur from the build up of plaque, a biofilm of bacteria, on your teeth which slowly degrades the enamel and dentin. If your cavities are not filled as they develop they will continue to erode the tooth, often at an increasingly fast rate because once they are past the enamel the material is softer.

An amalgam filling is used to fill a cavity and recreate the original shape of the tooth, without a hole. In procedure is changes depending on the individual case but will generally involve your dentist drill out the cavity to allow a cleaner shape for the filling. Once the hole has been thoroughly cleaned, the silver amalgam is then placed inside the cavity and bonds into position. Silver amalgam tend to last several years though this is highly dependent on the position of the tooth and cavity.

Depending on the positioning of the cavity, your dentist will give you a choice of fillings between the silver amalgam and a composite resin. While silver amalgam is stronger and more durable, the composite resin comes in a range of white shades allowing the dentist to blend the filling seamlessly into your row of teeth, making it almost invisible. Which one you chose will be a personal preference but your dentist will provide you with full details for each options before you have to make your decision.

London Dentist Discusses how to Stop Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is one of the most common dental problems in the world. During eating food particles are left behind in our mouths, these particles can develop bacteria (not all of which is necessarily bad). This bacteria forms a film over your teeth and is called plaque. It is the build up of plaque that is the primary cause of tooth decay. The first effect of tooth decay is the development of small holes in your teeth, known as cavities. It becomes difficult to clean inside these cavities and so plaque is able to continue to developing inside the holes, causing more degradation of the tooth.

Different types of bacteria can cause tooth decay in different manners. One common bacteria is lactobacillus, this bacteria is able to demineralise the enamel and dentin of the tooth, eventually causing very serious problems by killing the root of the tooth. Without any form of treatment tooth decay will eventually lead to tooth loss of one or many teeth. The infection can even spread to your jaw bone where treatments become increasingly problematic.

There are a number of preventative measures that are very effective at keeping tooth decay at bay. Your London dentist cannot stress enough the importance of brushing your teeth at least twice a day, this is the best way of stopping tooth decay from beginning at all since it cleans away all the plaque that builds up throughout the day. Also very important is an interdental tooth cleaning, this normally takes the form of flossing between your teeth where plaque can build up beyond the areas a tooth brush can reach.


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