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Brighten Your New Smile for 2019 with Lumineers

2019 is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with a dazzling, new smile? If you dream of starting the year with a flawless smile, allow us to tell you all about Lumineers.
About Lumineers
Lumineers are a unique form of veneers, which are used to craft natural-looking, radiant smiles. Lumineers are not your average veneers. Rather than being made using porcelain like many other types of veneers, Lumineers are created using patented, pressed Cerinate porcelain. They are tougher and more durable than other veneers, and they are twice as strong. Despite their strength and robustness, Lumineers are incredibly thin and light.
The Lumineers difference
Lumineers are famed for creating stunning smiles, and they have a beautiful natural sheen, which is ideal for those looking to brighten up their smile, while preserving that natural, understated look. Lumineers are very thin, but they’re more durable and hard-wearing than many other types of veneer.
As Lumineers are so delicate, they are approximately the same thickness as a contact lens, minimal preparation is required. Usually, when you have veneers, a fine layer of the tooth structure is removed to make space for the new veneers. With Lumineers, the veneers can be bonded directly onto the tooth surface, keeping the structure of the tooth and the precious enamel coating intact. The procedure is also faster and less invasive.
How can Lumineers help me?
If you dream of a perfect smile, or you often hide your smile away because you’ve got chipped, worn or stained teeth or gaps between your teeth, Lumineers can help. Lumineers are capable of achieving magical transformations, and we can complete treatment within 2-3 weeks.
If you’re dreaming of a new smile for 2019, why not get in touch and book a consultation today?

Regular Veneers vs. Lumineers

Veneer SmileAt Baker Street Dental, we’re delighted to offer clients in London and beyond an incredible array of dental veneers, including Lumineers. Veneers are a popular cosmetic treatment, which are famed for creating stunning smiles. If you dream of a smile fit for the red carpet, you’ve come to the right place.

What are Lumineers and how are they different from regular veneers?

Lumineers are a unique type of veneer treatment. They are crafted using a patented form of ceramic material called Cerinate porcelain. They are incredibly thin and light, but they’re also strong and durable. The pressed ceramic material increases strength and prolongs the lifespan. Lumineers are up to twice as strong as traditional porcelain veneers, and they can last up to twenty years.

Lumineers are very thin, and this enables greater translucency. These veneers look very lifelike, and they’ll give you a beautifully natural aesthetic.

As Lumineers are thinner than regular veneers, the procedure to fit them is also slightly different. Usually, the teeth have to be prepared before new veneers are fitted. With Lumineers, minimal tooth preparation is required, and this means that the tooth structure is left virtually untouched.

Who can benefit from Lumineers?

Lumineers are an ideal choice for anyone who has designs on a stunning, natural-looking smile. These veneers can be used to address a host of common imperfections, including staining and discolouration, chips and worn teeth, uneven and misshapen teeth and gaps between the teeth. Once the veneers are in place, you’ll have a smile to be proud of and you’ll look and feel incredible.

If you’d like to find out if Lumineers are the best choice for you, call us now and book a consultation.



How Lumineers light up the City of London

So, what can you say about the benefits of Lumineers to your smile in the city of London? Well if your teeth have been in the wars and are starting to show the signs of battle from endless fun and frolics over the years, this could be the answer to all of your problems. Lumineers are wafer thin coverings that are made from a patented porcelain and although they look so fragile in the palm of your hand, once they have been glued into place over the surfaces of your teeth, they are very strong indeed. They are beautiful to look at when in place and they will cover up any atrocities that have been occurring in your mouth. This is also a reversible process, so your teeth can be changed back to normal if you feel the desire. They aren’t the strongest option you can go for, but the original philosophy behind them was a quick fix to problems in your mouth, and they do it wonderfully.


Illuminating Lumineers in the City of London

It is great to see just how far dentistry has come in the city of London over the past fifty years, especially in the cosmetic department. More and more people are turning to cosmetic dentistry in order to find that elusive perfect smile; some treatments are easy, such as teeth whitening, but others are designed for more intricate work to make you look young, and therein lies a problem- ageing, and it is why treatments can get intricate. Though ageing is as difficult to halt as stopping the sea levels in the Thames rising each year, you can hold it off for a bit. Veneers are the preferred way to cover up the signs of ageing in your teeth: gaps will appear, cracks will show in the ever dulling enamel and your teeth may become worn down; combined with receding gums as well. Veneers literally just cover all these problems over and there is a right little cracker that is ready to help you out, the Lumineer. This illuminating dish is made from special porcelain that is not only beautiful, but is very strong indeed. All you need to do is let your dentist take a cast of your teeth and gums and once these tiny little gems return from the lab where they are made, your dentist will simply cement them straight onto the surfaces of your teeth, and it’s this that gives them their strength. The look will blow you away and you won’t recognise the smile you have for the first few days: beautiful you, and if you treat them with a bit of respect, they will last for years.


Getting fabulous Lumineers in the City of London

There are some brilliant ways to get your smile back on form if you have suffered over the years from the ageing process. Tooth whitening is one of the most popular methods to get you beaming again, but it will not hide away the problems of receding gums, cracks and chips to the teeth and other bits of general wear and tear. What you need in the city of London is something that is going to cover up all of these sins in your smile, whilst retaining the beauty of your smile- so enter the Lumineers. These are tiny, wafer thin coverings that are cemented onto the surfaces of your teeth. They are made from specially patented porcelain and as you may or may not know, porcelain is a stunning material and closely akin to the enamel of your teeth, which is why it works so well in the mouth. All you have to do is to have a mould taken of your teeth from which the Lumineers can be made and when done, they are glued straight onto the surfaces of your teeth. Not only will they look amazing, all those ageing problems will be gone and if you care for them, they will give you years of happy smiling.

Getting the look quickly with CEREC in the City of London

Sometimes, getting a little bit of restoration work done to improve your smile can be very hard to fit in to a busy week in the city of London, and sometimes this can cause a big dilemma, because in some work places, you need to be at your best all of the time and you need your smile to be pristine. Normally, getting a bridge replaced, having a crown, or getting veneers and lumineers fitted can take up to three weeks to complete- more if the fitting is wrong, and comprising of a few appointments as well. So then, CEREC is just the treatment you need to overcome all of these problems. Once you’ve booked an appointment, which will be at the most an hour and a half long, you sit in the chair and have a few x-rays and photos taken of the affected area. Then whilst you are being prepared and generally checked-up, a computer designs your new fitting and then relays all the information into a machine that makes the fitting there and then. This will take around 30 minutes and then once done, it can be cemented into place. Having all this technology to hand means that any problems can be solved in-house. And that’s it! Fast and simple and you go back to work with your smile intact.

Getting fitted with Delightful Lumineers in the City of London

So how do you go about covering up years of wear and tear to your teeth that are starting to make your smile rather medieval in appearance? Well the answer is to get Lumineers fitted. These gems can help to cover up anything from bad discolouration, cracks, gaps and even gums that have started to recede a little and unlike the fitting of traditional veneers, they are simple to fit. Your teeth will be given a quick clean before a mould can be taken; from this mould the Lumineers will be made, and once they are in the hands of your dentist, they are simply glued straight onto the surface of the teeth. Now normally, this could take a couple of weeks to do, but if your dentist has access to CEREC technology, it can be done in the hour- which rather fits into the whole philosophy of Lumineers. Even if your teeth aren’t that bad, you can have them fitted for certain occasions and then removed again afterwards if you are feeling that decadent. Lumineers aren’t designed to last forever, just enough to get through a period of your life. However, they do look sensational when they are in your mouth and give you a smile that will grace any party in an affluent city of London.

Getting the best from your smile with Dental Veneers in London

Whether you like it or not, there will come a time in London when your teeth will start to become jaded. They may discolour, crack or just become worn, but whatever, it may be time to call in the veneer man to get you back on track. Veneers are excellent when it comes to covering up the sins of the mouth and there are a few methods to choose from but with a lot of options attached to them. The most common, most durable and most popular choice is the porcelain veneer: the teeth are first prepared by removing the enamel and when the fitting has been made, it is cemented into place. A variation on the theme is the Lumineer which is even thinner, but which doesn’t involve the destruction of the teeth’s enamel. Once you have been measured up and the fitting is made, it is again cemented onto the surface of the tooth, enamel and all, which means the treatment, can be reversed in the future. The most versatile method however is to have your problems covered up by dental bonding. It involves a series of layers built up on the surface of the teeth made from colour coded resin and once the surface is built up enough, the veneer is then sculptured and polished. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, but the results are dynamic in each case and leave the patient with an exhilarating youthful smile once more.

Illuminating Lumineers in Central London

Cosmetic dentistry is a wonderful thing when you think about it- there is nothing you can’t get today in central London to make your teeth shine like lots of stars in your smile. Lumineers are one of those treatments that rather sum up the city- quick fix, here now, gone tomorrow. Well maybe that’s a bit harsh, but there are elements of that in this treatment. Most veneers can last for quite a while- they are robust and durable, but that’s because they are made from thicker porcelain and this means a lot of irreversible removal of the tooth’s enamel is required before they can be cemented into place. The Lumineer is not the same: it is made from extremely thin, patented porcelain that gives off a stunning hue and when it’s made, all it requires is to be glued onto the surface of the tooth without damaging the enamel. They don’t have the longevity of normal veneers but then, they can be replaced quickly or the process can be discarded altogether if it is so desired. Lest we forget, these cute babies can get you looking lovely and smiling with confidence in a hurry.



Central London Dentist Discusses how Lumineers can Help You

A good set of teeth and a smile will take you far in life but unfortunately for many of us this does not come naturally. Even when taking the best possible care of our teeth they can still become discoloured. For some even braces cannot make our teeth perfectly aligned. Lumineers offer the possibility of giving you that row of gorgeous straight, white teeth that will shine when you smile.

Lumineers are a type of veneers that are placed over the surface of your teeth. Once secured in place they look like natural, yet perfect, teeth. Traditional veneers involve the removal of a thin layer of enamel from the surface of your teeth, over top of which the veneer is placed. The danger with these is that if the veneer is ever removed, whether purposefully or accidentally, then the original surface (and protective element) of the tooth no longer exists, there will be no going back. Recognising this downside, Lumineers are created out of a much stronger, especially patented, form of cerinate porcelain that allow it be cut into incredibly thin slices. The thinness of the slices means that the Lumineers can be joined directly to the surface enamel of your teeth without the need to remove anything. And so, your original teeth will remain intact. The process is quick and will not require any form of anaesthetic.

Available at your Central London dentist you should make an appointment for a consultation to explore whether Lumineers would give you the smile you desire.

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