14 Oct
The trials and tribulations of Oral Cancer in Central London

Diagnosis oral Cancer: this isn’t the best scenario that you can have laid at your feet in Central London, but if you have been hit with this news, you are going to dust yourself down and get ready for the fight ahead. The causes- who knows? It’s still a bit…

15 Aug
Battling Oral Cancer in London

Getting the news that you have got oral cancer isn’t going to be a good day in London; it may be like taking a punch from a boxer and being floored. However, like a good fighter, you have to pick yourself up because you are going to have to fight…

18 Dec
Fear and Loathing in London with Oral Cancer

Life can be going along quite nicely inLondonand then you may start to find that you are suffering from a little discomfort in your mouth: maybe you have a repetitive ulcer or two, are suffering from a constant sore throat, maybe you have an aching jaw all the time and…

25 Aug
Cancer and your mouth in London

  It’s never easy to work out what exactly causes cancer, especially when you see people of a sporting nature being struck down with the disease whilst other unfit people can debauch themselves all their lives without even a murmur- much the same could be said about oral cancer as…