06 Jun
Researchers hail breakthrough, which could put a stop to painful decay

Researchers from Queen Mary University of London claim to have made a major breakthrough in the development of a material, which could put a stop to painful dental decay. Scientists believe that they have created a material, which could facilitate enamel regeneration, preventing sensitivity and reducing the risk of cavities….

07 Aug
Sensitivity and your City of London Teeth

Sensitive teeth are literally a touchy subject: in the city of London, life can be stressful enough, so the last thing you need are teeth that are sensitive to everyday activities such as breathing in cool air, eating and drinking, it could just push you over the edge. If you…

07 Jul
Enjoy Ice Cream Again! City of London Dentist Treats Sensitive Teeth

When summer comes about its nice to be able to enjoy a cold drink or an ice cream, but for many people such cold products can cause create discomfort and pain. Sensitive teeth effect a great many people, your City of London dentist has some recommendations of how it can…

25 May
Tiptoeing Over Sensitive Teeth in the City of London

Sensitive teeth can be a serious problem on a daily basis in the city of London, stopping you from doing things, eating and drinking things and just down right irritating. The causes are many: over exuberant brushing can wear down the enamel and destroy the gums around the base of…

21 Mar
Suffering from Sensitive Teeth in London

Any discomfort or pain you experience from drinking either hot or cold foods and drinks can be attributed to sensitive teeth. Although this dental condition is not as serious as the other oral problems, it could be quite uncomfortable. In order to address sensitive teeth, you will need the help…

27 Aug
Dentin Hypersensitivity In London Dental Patients

Having sensitive teeth is something most of us have experienced. It is so common that many of the patients in London and around the world make toothpaste for sensitive teeth their brand of choice. Dentists in London report that the complaint they hear the most is that of patient’s teeth…