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European Parliament reveals plans to ‘phase out’ dental amalgam by 2030

shutterstock_50880346The European Parliament has revealed plans to ‘phase out’ dental amalgam by the year 2030.

Although there are plans to remove amalgam by 2030, it is hoped that practices will start to reduce amalgam use long before this date. Many clinics have already stopped using amalgam fillings, and a growing number of dentists are replacing old mercury fillings with white fillings.

Mercury amalgam fillings are made up a mixture of materials, including mercury, copper, tin, zinc and silver, with mercury forming around 50 percent of the filling. In the past mercury fillings were used routinely, but many people have concerns about the safety of mercury amalgam fillings, and there are also environmental issues to consider.

The British Dental Association claims that the announcement from the European Parliament has put an end to speculation about the future use of mercury amalgam fillings, but stressed that these fillings are still safe for use by British dentists. Dentists in the UK continue to have a wide range of materials at their disposal for patients with diverse dental needs, and this is expected to continue until legislation confirms an outright ban.

Most patients now prefer to have white fillings, which are made from dental composite and resins. These fillings are more aesthetically pleasing than silver fillings and they are better for the environment, but they may not last as long as mercury fillings.

White Fillings: A Safe, Attractive Alternative To Metal Fillings

In the past, metal fillings were used to fill cavities and strengthen teeth that had become weaker as a result of decay. However, now, many people choose to have white fillings. White fillings are made from dental composite and resins and they are an effective treatment for cavities and tooth decay. Fillings are very common and most people have to have at least one cavity filled in their lifetime; many people have several fillings. Decay is caused by plaque and can be prevented with good oral hygiene and healthy eating. White fillings are generally more popular because of their aesthetic advantage over metal fillings; however, they are also regarded as a safer and more environmentally friendly option. Concerns have been raised about the safety of mercury fillings and some countries have banned the use of mercury amalgam fillings. Unlike metal fillings, which are clearly visible when you open your mouth, white fillings match the colour of the tooth and cannot be distinguished from the rest of the tooth. We provide new white fillings, as well as replacement fillings for metal amalgam fillings. A white filling will help to strengthen the tooth and protect it from injury and decay in the future and the best news is that it will be completely invisible, so you don’t have to worry about your beautiful smile.

Why You Should Keep Your Mouth Hydrated To Avoid Cavities In Central London

Your teeth are constantly under threat each day in central London from the bacteria and acids from stuff that you put in your mouth and if you don’t clean your teeth properly, these urchins will start to attack the enamel of the teeth and if they get a hold, cavities can form. Now aside from all the great products you throw at your teeth, you also have a natural defence system against bacteria in your mouth- saliva. If you have a great balanced diet and are keeping yourself fit and healthy, you’ll have a good immune system and hence, a lot of saliva in your mouth. The flip side to this is that if you love to cane it with smoking, drinking, poor foods, or are on heavy medication, this will greatly reduce the effectiveness of your immune system, your saliva will be vastly reduced and hence, you will suffer from a dry mouth. The obvious implications being that the bacteria are free to roam and then we get back to the threat of cavities again. Aside from the need to change your lifestyle if you are being flippant with what you do, a dry mouth needs to be treated and you will also need to keep your mouth hydrated until you have the problem under control. Ask your dentist all about this condition, take the advice and then act quickly on it; it can only save your teeth further down the road.

The complete smile with White Fillings in the City of London

There is no doubt that there is a huge desire in people in the city of London to attain a beautifully white and natural smile in their mouths. Tooth whitening is big business and helps to promote this natural look; as do porcelain veneers. Also in vogue are white fillings and compared to amalgam, they look beautiful, but in the midst of this lies a big dilemma and discussion. Amalgam, aside from how grey and tired it looks is extremely strong (although resin and glass is improving each year) and is preferred in areas of the mouth that has to endure a lot of biting forces, and simply changing to white fillings is not a route that dentists like to go down as removing the amalgam can weaken the tooth quite badly. However, you can request it done anyway, or at least ensure that your children grow up with white fillings and of course, once they are in, they will compliment your smile beautifully. They still have problems with longevity although, as has been said, the materials that they are made from are getting better and more durable and soon they will completely resign the amalgam filling to history.


Filling your Teeth ‘naturally’ in the City of London

If you live in a demanding and fashionable place like the city of London, then good luck, because the place demands the best out of you at all times, and cobbled into this equation is the fact that you have to project your best side at every given moment in order to get on. Somewhere in all of this is how you smile and talk to people, and if your teeth aren’t as priceless as the outfit you are wearing, then you may be wasting your time trying. One of the more modern elements in this look of yours may be down to the type of fillings that you have: grey amalgam fillings are strong but they don’t cut the mustard in today’s fashion stakes because people are now opting for white resin/ceramic based fillings. White fillings are still finding their feet because as good as they look, they tend to be weak, fragile and their longevity is nothing like amalgam. However, they complete the mouth naturally and as the years pass, they are getting better and stronger as technology catches up with the demands of what people want. A pure white smile can be the difference between getting the job you want, the partner you want and giving the best possible projection throughout your life. If you have any questions on this subject, you should link up with your dentist and ask about the choices you have with your fillings.

Gleaming White Fillings in Central London

There was a time when white fillings were considered to be rather frail compared to amalgam and were prone to falling out regularly. But in central London, white fillings have caught up dramatically as the materials they are made from have evolved enamel plus being one of them, boasting the longevity of amalgam. There are different composite elements that go into different white fillings, but one is a constant, the dye. This will ensure that the filling will match exactly the colour of the surrounding teeth, which is one of its greatest selling points: TV makeover shows have brought the white filling into the spotlight, promoting how natural it is in the mouth, whilst rather putting down the ‘ugly, tired and grey amalgam’ at the same time and so people have caught the trend bug and more and more are opting for this filling. However, white fillings can be quite fragile and to use them at the rear of the mouth may be a bit fool-hardy as there are a lot of chewing forces going through these teeth. If you still want the natural look though, you should sit down with your dentist and discuss what’s available and what you should go for and you won’t be out of pocket either with white fillings- on average, they start from around £40, which is not half bad for a pretty natural look to your smile.

Go for the Natural Look with White Fillings from Your Central London Dentist

Cavities are one of the most common dental problems to occur. Even the most vigilant tooth brusher runs the risk of one day developing a cavity. Regularly brushing and flossing is likely to hugely reduce the risk of tooth decay and cavities but nothing can guarantee they won’t appear. If you are unlucky enough to develop a cavity you no longer have to assume you’ll end up with a mouth full of silver. White fillings have been around for a number of years now but recent developments in material compounds have made them better than ever.

Instead of having to chose between the endurance of silver amalgam and the cosmetic appeal of white fillings you are now able to have good looking teeth that are also strong. White fillings are now made of composite resin that is available in several different shades, meaning your dentist will be able to pick and match the shade that most closely resembles your natural teeth, only a dentist would be able to recognise it from your real teeth, and even they might struggle!

Although there strength has greatly improved in recent years, white fillings still do not quite match the durability of silver amalgam. It is for this reason that at times your dentist may still recommend the use of silver, for instance if you have a habit of grinding your teeth you may need the extra strength of silver. But for most instances your dentist will likely recommend white fillings. Beyond simply filling the cavity, white fillings actually improve the structural integrity of the broken tooth. Unlike silver amalgam which requires the tooth to be drilled out, white filling moulds to the shape of the cavity and reinforces the original tooth.

Amalgam Fillings Still have a Part to Play for Dentists in London

Renowned for their strength and durability, amalgam fillings are increasingly being replaced by mercury-free and more aesthetically-pleasing dental filling options, such as white composite fillings. London dentists use the latest dental materials and technology to give patients such choices in treatments.

Amalgam is a metal alloy blended with mercury and other metals, such as silver, copper and tin. Amalgam fillings are considered a cost effective, quick and easy dental filling option. However, the threat of mercury toxicity over time from such amalgam fillings containing a 50 percent concentration is a real one, not just for individuals but the environment.

Exposure to mercury may damage human and animal organs, resulting in diseases such as Minamata and Hunter-Russell Syndrome, and sensory impairment. Dentists all over the world, including London, are replacing amalgam fillings with healthier treatments without mercury.

Amalgam Fillings Alternatives

Alternate dental filling options include Composite Resin Fillings, Ceramics Fillings, Cast Gold or Gold Foil Fillings, and Glass Lonomer Fillings. People with surface or deep tooth cavities, cracked or damaged teeth may benefit from these dental filling treatments, including inlays, onlays and crowns.

Composite resin fillings consist of a plastic and fine glass blend and may be applied directly or indirectly through heat-curing for added strength when bonding to existing teeth. Gold alloy is used for all types of gold fillings, serving as inlays, onlays and crowns that are non-corrosive and durable.

Porcelain is used for the same purpose with tooth-coloured results that enhance smiles. Glass lonomer fillings are a combination of acrylic and fluoroaluminosilicate obtained from glass and are used in a similar way as composite resin fillings.

All fillings serve to strengthen tooth structure, prevent tooth decay and tooth loss. Depending on dental condition, individuals have choices of fillings to best meet their oral health needs and appearance.

A City of London Dentist Can Provide White Fillings

Even though it may be rare to get cavities in your front teeth, you may still want white filings. For example, if you wind up with cavities in other visible teeth, you will not want unsightly silver or gold fillings to ruin your smile. When you visit a City of London dentist you can choose from a wide range of filling materials. Aside from ones that will provide a basic white colour, you can also make use of fillings that will match the exact shade of white found on each tooth.

If you decide to get white fillings, you may also want to think about having veneers, or other types of cosmetic dentistry done at the same time. In particular, this would be an ideal time to have the shape of your teeth adjusted to fit your mouth size and face shape. You may also want to have your teeth whitened so that you will be sure to get the correct shade of white for your fillings.

Depending on your situation, you may decide that you want the most durable fillings that you can get. In these cases, you may want to ask your dentist about using amalgam fillings, and then covering them over with some other material. Aside from traditional veneers, there are also removable ones that may suit your needs. You may also want to consider having a full crown installed.

Regardless of whether you choose resin fillings or some type of composite, you can have peace of mind knowing that they will not create an unsightly contrast to the rest of your teeth. In addition, many of the newer materials are almost as strong as amalgam. While you may still need to have silver coloured filings for your molars, at least any teeth that show can look as perfect as possible.

White Fillings: An Alternative to Silver Fillings

Does your silver amalgam fillings make you feel self-conscious every time you smile or talk? Ask your London dentist and he will tell you about the alternative to silver fillings: white composite fillings.
White composite fillings are popular alternative to amalgam fillings. Made of strong resin materials, white composite fillings are made to match the colour of your surrounding teeth. They can be placed on the front or back of your teeth.
There are several reasons why a patient may need white composite fillings, including:
• Repair amalgam or metal fillings
• Repair cracked or chipped teeth
• Sensitivity to cold or heat – this is because the composite resin material used in white fillings does not conduct changes in temperature, not as fast as gold or silver.
• Mercury-free – white fillings are ideal for patients who want mercury-free fillings.
• Reshape teeth
Many London patients prefer white fillings because they can match the translucency, texture and shade of their own natural teeth, thus eliminating the unsightly silver colour of amalgam fillings every time they smile.
Other advantages of white fillings over silver fillings are:
• Restoration of your tooth’s original strength. This is because composite fillings are bonded to the tooth, thus restoring the original durability of your teeth.
• Restoration of your tooth’s natural appearance.
• Minimal removal of tooth surface. With white composite, the size of the hole your dentist will make in your tooth for the filling is smaller as compared to that with the amalgam filling preparation.
• Less sensitivity to cold or heat.
• Lastly, white fillings are safe because they do not contain mercury.

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