21 Jan
Beauty through Porcelain Veneers in Central London

For all your best laid plans and efforts to keep your teeth healthy and clean in central London, the ageing problem can be hard to fend off and soon it will start to manifest itself in your smile. You can have them whitened if they have become discoloured, but this…

14 Jan
Benefiting from Porcelain Crowns in the City of London

If you have suffered from damage to your teeth through loss, decay or injury in the city of London, you would be well advised to see your dentist as soon as possible in order to get repaired, as if you leave it, there is a strong possibility that your mouth…

07 Jan
Route one to great Oral Hygiene in London

You should view you body as a temple in London: if you harmonise it with a good healthy diet and regular exercise, it should keep every part of you ticking over nicely throughout your life- including your mouth, for strong immune system will help keep up saliva levels in your…

16 Dec
Central London’s answer to tricky procedures: Waterlase

As dentistry gets up to speed with technology in central London, then treatments become more refined and painless, and there is no better example of this than Waterlase. Laser techniques have made an incredible impact on modern dental procedures and they have eradicated some very painful treatments such as root…

09 Dec
BOTOXING your way to a great Smile in the City of London

It is remarkable how modern-day dentistry can put that smile back on your face in the city of London; cosmetics can do wonders for your teeth. But ‘new’ dentistry has gone the extra mile and doesn’t just concern itself with what’s going on inside of your mouth; it can work…

25 Nov
Cute and Cosmetic: Bonding in London

Appearances can mean everything to you in London and can be the difference between success and failure; clothes and hair can make the difference, but then so too can your teeth and the way you smile. Now, as the years go by, the stresses of life can start to attack…