20 Feb
Spotting The Signs Of Gum Disease In Central London

Gum disease is extremely common, despite the fact that it is preventable. In the UK, gum disease is the leading reason behind adult tooth loss. It is caused by plaque. Plaque is a sticky film, which is made from bacteria and food debris combined with saliva; due to its consistency,…

12 Sep
The nastiness of Gum Disease in the City of London

There are many things that can go horribly wrong in your mouth in the city of London: plaque is always a constant threat to your mouth and if you don’t deal with it, it can run riot in your mouth and become a very serious issue further down the line-…

04 Sep
Herbal answers to Gum Disease in the City of London

Many modern dentists think that they have the lot in the city of London with all their modern machinery and new techniques…but not to dismiss all of this, these modern gadgets work amazingly well for the patients and give the best that the modern world of dentistry has to offer….

22 Aug
The ghastliness of Gum Disease in Central London

Some things in life can get nasty in you mouth in central London, but a particularly evil one is gum disease and you need to go ‘hell for leather’ in order to fight this off. Like most things that cause issues in your mouth, plaque is always the start of…

03 Jan
Ridding Yourself Of Decay With A Root Canal In The City Of London

 At all times, tooth decay in the city of London is something that needs to be avoided: in the earliest of its incarnations, you may be lucky enough to get off lightly with a filling. Ignore it and let the decay grow, then you are going to have to have…

01 Aug
Ganging up on Gum Disease in London

Gum disease at some point and in some form, will affect over 70% of people in living in London and once you get it, it’s difficult to get rid of as it is so persistent. In its infancy you probably wouldn’t see the early signs of it. It begins when…