19 Dec
New study links mental health conditions with elevated risk of oral disease

A new study has linked mental health disorders with an elevated risk of oral diseases. A research project, which has been published in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology, suggests that experiencing symptoms of illnesses, including depression, can increase the risk of gum disease. Researchers evaluated and monitored both the mental…

22 Aug
The ghastliness of Gum Disease in Central London

Some things in life can get nasty in you mouth in central London, but a particularly evil one is gum disease and you need to go ‘hell for leather’ in order to fight this off. Like most things that cause issues in your mouth, plaque is always the start of…

28 Feb
Being strong on Gum Disease in Central London

If there is one disease in central London that causes more devastation and complications in your mouth more than any other, it’s gum disease, and not content just to destroy your gums, it will be poisoning your blood, your heart and other organs as well. It starts, like anything does…

19 Jan
How an Awful Mouth can lead to an Awful Body in London

Keeping a Good Mouth and Body in London The body is a well oiled machine and when everything is working in delicious harmony you are going to have a healthy life-style in London. However, deflate one of the equations in this machine of yours, for whatever the reason and the…

09 Jan
Nipping Periodontal Disease in the Bud in London

Periodontal Disease and the way to stop it in London Periodontal Disease is pretty much the end of the road for your teeth in London. If you have been very lazy when it comes to oral hygiene over a long, sustained period, periodontal disease is the final problem at the…

12 Oct
Plaque and Periodontal disease- be warned in Central London

It’s very easy to get fed up in central London with dentists and adverts hammering home the message of how to look after your teeth- how to clean your teeth, what to clean them with, when you should clean them….on and on. But, there is a very real reason involving…