09 Aug
The Earlier The Better When It Comes To London Kids Oral Health

We understand that when it comes to children’s dentistry it can be difficult to get your children into a good oral health regime.  It is important to realise the long term damage that can occur by ignoring your child’s tooth-time habits. Cavities are painful and unsightly stains from bacteria can…

29 Oct
The dodgy link between Xerostomia and Cavities in Central London

Xerostomia is a one of those conditions that doesn’t seem that bad on paper, but in reality, it can play havoc in the mouth in central London. It is essentially a dry mouth; now this can be caused by taking lots of medication, smoking a lot, recreational drugs or having…

26 Jun
Amalgam Fillings – City of London Dentist Talks About How Amalgam Fillings Can Save Your Teeth

Without proper care, over time your teeth can develop cavities, holes in the teeth. To stop the cavity from destroying the whole tooth, your dentist will often recommend a filling. Amalgam fillings are a composite of different metals (such as silver and copper) that when placed into a tooth will…

05 Aug
Dentists in the City of London replace unsightly metal fillings with cosmetic bonding

Cavities can form in teeth as a result of plaque that is left on teeth. So acidic is plaque that it causes the enamel to erode and holes to be formed. If this process is not stopped then teeth will lose their functionality. Regular visits to the dentist ought to…

29 Jun
Tooth decay and how to treat it with Central London dentists

With a diligent routine of home care for your mouth, dental decay should not be something that will need to concern you in your life. But sometimes your standards can slip because of a difficult personal time, or general health issues. Dental decay then becomes something that has to be…

03 May
Central London dentists help patients with xerostamia so that cavities are avoided

The development of holes in your teeth, known as cavities, is definitely something to be avoided. Teeth cannot grow back once a hole has formed in them and you will need to have a filling installed to protect the rest of the tooth. Most people are aware of the main…